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Cite This Paper:SHENG Jun,LIU Jincheng,LI Yunlong,ZOU Haiyan,LONG Anlin,WANG Lin,LI Jiyong,QI Qingshan,YANG Xiaojing,LI Yanan.2022.[J].Acta Geologica Sinica(),96(3):1070-1081
Reservoir Characteristics of Fine-grained Sedimentary Rocks in Saline Lakes in the Cenozoic Upper Ganchaigou Formation, Southwestern Qaidam Basin, NW China    Download PDF
SHENG Jun  LIU Jincheng  LI Yunlong  ZOU Haiyan  LONG Anlin  WANG Lin  LI Jiyong  QI Qingshan  YANG Xiaojing  LI Yanan
Key words:
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