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Cite This Paper:LIANG Shumin,ZHENG Wenjun,CHEN Gan,ZHANG Peizhen,ZHANG Dongli,BI Haiyun,YANG Xue,ZHANG Yipeng,DUAN Lei,LU Bentian.2022.[J].Acta Geologica Sinica(),96(3):825-843
Late Quaternary Slip Behavior of the Jinqianghe Fault in the Middle Qilian–Haiyuan Fault Zone, Northeastern Tibetan Plateau    Download PDF
LIANG Shumin  ZHENG Wenjun  CHEN Gan  ZHANG Peizhen  ZHANG Dongli  BI Haiyun  YANG Xue  ZHANG Yipeng  DUAN Lei  LU Bentian
Key words:
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