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.2012.[J].Acta Geologica Sinica(),86(5):1039-1044
A New Enantiornithine Bird from the Lower Cretaceous Jiufotang Formation in Jinzhou Area, Western Liaoning Province, China    点此下载全文
LI Li  WANG Jinqi  ZHANG Xi  HOU Shilin
Paleontology Institute, Shenyang Normal University, Shenyang, Liaoning 110034, China
基金项目:This study was supported by the director founation item of experiment center of Shenyang Normal University (Grant No.sy201101), National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 41202014).
      A new Early Cretaceous enantiornithine bird from Liaoning Province of northeastern China, Shengjingornis yangi, gen. et sp. nov., is reported. This new bird possesses the following unique combination of features: a long rostrum, with some teeth in the front; short nasal; slender jugal; Y-shaped furcula, with expanded distal end of the hypocleidum; cake-like sternum, with a low and caudally distributed keel; strut-like and caudally concave coracoid. The derived features of the scapula and the wings suggest a powerful flapping flight capability.
关键词:Early Cretaceous  Jiufotang Formation  Enantiornithine  Liaoning Province
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