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Cite This Paper:.2009.[J].Acta Geologica Sinica(),83(2):200-206
A New Basal Neoceratopsian Dinosaur from the Middle Cretaceous of Jilin Province, China    Download PDF
JIN Liyong  CHEN Jun  ZAN Shuqin  Pascal GODEFROIT
Jilin University Museum, Chaoyang Campus, Jilin 130026, China;Jilin University Museum, Chaoyang Campus, Jilin 130026, China;The Geological Museum of China, Beijing 100034, China;Department of Palaeontology, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Belgium
The following Chinese funds gave us help for excavation and research: the National Infrastructure of Mineral Rock and Fossil Resources for Sciences and Technology Program (2005DKA21405-7), and the Science and Technology Research and Development Program of Changchun City (04-07SF092).
      A new basal neoceratopsian dinosaur, Helioceratops brachygnathus gen. et sp. nov., is described from the Quantou Formation (late Early Cretaceous or early Late Cretaceous) in the Liufangzi locality (Jilin province, China). Helioceratops differs from other basal neoceratopsians with its deep dentary ramus, its steeply-inclined ventral predentary facet, its heterogeneous dentary crowns, and by the denticles and secondary ridges asymmetrically distributed on either side of the primary ridge on its dentary teeth. Along with Auroraceratops and Yamaceratops, Helioceratops represents one of the most derived non-coronosaurian neoceratopsians. The palaeogeographical distribution of basal neoceratopsians appears limited to northern China and southern Mongolia in the current state of our knowledge. It is therefore probable that this region constituted the birthplace for more advanced, Late Cretaceous Coronosauria.
Key words:Dinosauria, Neoceratopsia, Middle Cretaceous, Quantou Formation, Jilin province
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