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Volume 91,Issue Z1,2017 Table of Contents

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Abstracts of the Third IGCP-649 Workshop to Investigate the Mayari-Baracoa Ophiolite in Cuba Havana Cuba, April 3-14, 2017
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):0 [Abstract(520)]  [View PDF 134.60 K (856)]
The 9th National Member Congress and the 16th Academic Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society for Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry,18-21April,2017.Xi’an
  《中国矿物岩石地球化学学会第九次全国会员代表大会暨第 16 届学术年会》论文摘要集(P.58-293)
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):0-1 [Abstract(436)]  [View PDF 146.49 K (793)]
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):1 [Abstract(331)]  [View PDF 190.49 K (804)]
Ophiolites and Intra-Oceanic Island Arc Assemblages of Eastern Australia, New Caledonia and New Zealand
  Jonathan C. AITCHISON
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):1-2 [Abstract(401)]  [View PDF 138.91 K (1040)]
Origin of Some Neo-Proterozoic Ophiolites from Eastern Desert of Egypt: Geochemical Constraints
  Mohamed Metwaly ABU ANBAR and YANG Jingsui
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):3-4 [Abstract(468)]  [View PDF 3.06 M (820)]
Development of the Sumdo Suture in the Lhasa Block, Tibet, China
  CHEN Songyong, YANG Jingsui, ZHANG Cong, XU Xiangzhen and LI Zhaoli
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):5-7 [Abstract(379)]  [View PDF 122.14 K (700)]
Geochemical Characterization of Intermediate to Silicic Rocks in the Global Ophiolite Record
  Yildirim DILEK and Harald FURNES
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):8-9 [Abstract(320)]  [View PDF 201.00 K (844)]
Petrological and Re-Os Isotopic Constraints on the Origin and Tectonic Setting of the Cuobuzha Peridotite, Yarlung Zangbo Suture Zone, SW Tibet, China
  FENG Guangying, YANG Jingsui, Yildirim DILEK, LIU Fei and XIONG Fahui
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):10-11 [Abstract(284)]  [View PDF 234.10 K (844)]
The Fate of Chromium in Weathered Ultramafic Rocks and Their Derivitative Soils in Cuba: Clues from Spectroscopic Studies
  Andrea L. FOSTER
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):12 [Abstract(361)]  [View PDF 126.94 K (631)]
The Ophiolitic Mélanges in Strike-slip Fault Zones in West Junggar, Xinjiang, NW China
  GUO Zhaojie, CHEN Shi and ZHANG Yuanyuan
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):13-14 [Abstract(349)]  [View PDF 228.07 K (777)]
Origin of Peridotites and Chromitites in the Pozanti-kar Santi Ophiolite, Turkey
  LIAN Dongyang, YANG Jingsui, Michael WIEDENBECK, Yildirim DILEK, Alexander ROCHOLL, XIONG Fahui and WU Weiwei
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):15 [Abstract(395)]  [View PDF 147.27 K (738)]
Ocean-continent Transition to Suprasubduction Zone Origin of the Western Yarlung Zangbo Ophiolites in SW Tibet, China: Multi-stage, Transient Evolution of the Neotethyan Oceanic Lithosphere
  LIU Fei, YANG Jingsui, Yildirim DILEK, LIAN Dongyang, XIE Yanxue, NIU Xiaolu, FENG Guangying, ZHAO Hui, HUANG Jian and LI Guanlong
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):16-17 [Abstract(335)]  [View PDF 830.71 K (761)]
Geochemical Features of a Subduction Initiation Ophiolite Type in Habana-Matanzas Region (Western Cuba)
  Angélica Isabel LLANES CASTRO, Joaquín Antonio PROENZA FERNáNDEZ and Esther María CRUZ GáMEZ
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):18 [Abstract(304)]  [View PDF 129.93 K (576)]
Petrogenesis of Triassic Mafic Complexes with MORB/OIB Affinities from the Western Garzê-Litang Ophiolitic Mélange, Central Tibetan Plateau
  MA Changqian, LIU Bin, GAO Ke and HE Zuoxiang
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):19-20 [Abstract(296)]  [View PDF 397.53 K (973)]
Late Triassic Intraoceanic Arc Aystem within Neotethys: Evidence from Cumulate Hornblende Gabbro in Gangdese Belt, South Tibet
  MA Xuxuan, YI Zhiyu and XU Zhiqin
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):21 [Abstract(294)]  [View PDF 124.34 K (784)]
Overview of the Geology of Cuba
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):22 [Abstract(310)]  [View PDF 112.28 K (557)]
International Collaborations In Geodesy Advance Geoscience Research
  M. Meghan MILLER
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):23 [Abstract(267)]  [View PDF 115.50 K (448)]
Kalaymyo Peridotite Massif in the Indo-Myanmar Ranges (Western Myanmar): Its Mineralogy and Petrology
  NIU Xiaolu, LIU Fei, YANG Jingsui, Yildirim DILEK, XU Zhiqin, FENG Guangying, XIONG Fahui and Kyaing SEIN
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):24-25 [Abstract(267)]  [View PDF 382.14 K (738)]
KT Boundary Chromites Determined to be Terrestrial: Cr Isotopic Evidence for Excavation and Ejection of Mafic/Ultramafic Rocks by the KT Boundary Impact
  Peter OLDS, Mathew E. SANBORN, Tim TEAGUE and YIN Qingzhu
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):26-27 [Abstract(334)]  [View PDF 88.34 K (612)]
Regarding an Oceanic Crust/Upper Mantle Geochemical Signature at the KT Boundary: If not from Chicxulub Crater, then Where Did it Come from?
  Peter OLDS and Norm SLEEP
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):28-29 [Abstract(322)]  [View PDF 1021.53 K (851)]
The Petrology and Geochemistry of Listwaenite in the Sartohay Ophiolitic Melange of West Junggar, Xinjiang, China
  QIU Tian and ZHU Yongfeng
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):30 [Abstract(323)]  [View PDF 129.47 K (521)]
A Forearc (Guleman, Elaziğ) Ophiolite: Evidence from Peridotite Mineral Geochemistry
  Mustafa Eren RIZELI , Melahat BEYARSLAN and A. Feyzi BING?L
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):31 [Abstract(291)]  [View PDF 175.18 K (470)]
Diamonds, Super-Reduced and Crustal Minerals in Chromitites of the Hegenshan and Sartohay Ophiolites, Central Asian Orogenic Belt, China
  Paul T. ROBINSON, YANG Jingsui, TIAN Yazhou and ZHU Huang
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):32 [Abstract(268)]  [View PDF 139.33 K (484)]
Permo–Triassic and Liassic Tethyan Oceanic Tracts within the Pontide Belt Along the Southern Margin of Eurasia, Northern Anatolia
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):33-34 [Abstract(269)]  [View PDF 693.00 K (651)]
Relic Oceanic Crust at Sub-Arc Depth: An Example from UHP Eclogites Enclosed in Serpentinites from the Southwestern Tianshan, China
  SHEN Tingting, ZHANG Lifei, Joerg HERMANN and LIU Fenglin
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):35 [Abstract(244)]  [View PDF 134.53 K (621)]
Fluidizate-Explosive Occurrences in Ophiolites as Indicator of the Subduction Zone Activity: The Urals Example
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):36-38 [Abstract(259)]  [View PDF 601.19 K (663)]
The Chemistry of Serpentine Soils Developed Over A Podiform Chromite Deposit, Western Sierra Nevada, USA
  Lisa L. STILLINGS and Steven W. BLECKER
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):39 [Abstract(265)]  [View PDF 269.30 K (506)]
Geochemical Characteristics of Mafic Rocks from the Xinlin Ophiolite, NE China
  SUN Deyu, GUO Jun, YANG Dongguang and LI Xu
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):40-42 [Abstract(230)]  [View PDF 1.65 M (688)]
Fe Isotope Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Fe Exhalites
  SUN Jian, ZHU Xiangkun and LI Zhihong
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):43 [Abstract(254)]  [View PDF 136.49 K (488)]
Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Analyses of Diamond and Moissanite in Ophiolite
  Micheal WIEDENBECK and LIAN Dongyang
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):44 [Abstract(261)]  [View PDF 121.37 K (620)]
Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Magmatic Rocks from Zedong Ophiolite, Eastern Yarlung-Zangbo Suture Zone, Tibet
  XIONG Fahui, YANG Jingsui, Paul T. ROBINSON, GAO Jian, ZHANG Lan, CHEN Yanhong and LAI Shengming
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):45 [Abstract(271)]  [View PDF 141.62 K (1041)]
Geochronology and Petrogenesis of Mesozoic Granitoids in the Geological Corridor of Western Liaoning Province, China
  XU Xuechun, ZHENG Changqing and CUI Fanghua
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):46-48 [Abstract(262)]  [View PDF 474.32 K (799)]
Ophiolites as Archives of Recycled Crustal Material Residing in the Deep Mantle
  YANG Jingsui, Paul T. ROBINSON and Yildirim Dilek
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):49 [Abstract(291)]  [View PDF 143.32 K (558)]
Positioning the Southern Margin of Asia Prior to Its Collision with India: Paleomagnetic Constraints from Late Cretaceous Dykes in Gangdise Belt
  YI Zhiyu and MA Xuxuan
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):50 [Abstract(256)]  [View PDF 123.37 K (432)]
The Beila Ophiolite from the Bangong-Nujiang Suture Zone, Northern Tibetan Plateau
  ZHAI Qingguo, TANG Yue, HU Peiyuan, XIAO Xuchang and WANG Haitao
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):51 [Abstract(363)]  [View PDF 117.35 K (591)]
The Metamorphic Evolution and Tectonic Significance of the Sumdo High and Ultrahigh Pressure Metamorphic Terrane, Central-South Lhasa Block, Tibet
  ZHAGN Cong, Thomas BADER, Herman van ROERMUND, YANG Jingsui, SHEN Tingting, QIU Tian and LI Peng
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):52 [Abstract(239)]  [View PDF 37.10 K (692)]
Iron Isotopic Fractionation and Origin of Chromitites in the Paleo-Moho Transition Zone of the Kop Ophiolite, NE Turkey
  ZHAGN Pengfei, ZHOU Meifu, SU Benxun, Ibrahim UYSAL, Paul T. ROBINSON, Erdi AVCI and HE Yongsheng
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):53 [Abstract(276)]  [View PDF 143.77 K (424)]
In-Depth Ophiolite Research Is Inseparable from the Drilling Engineering
  ZHANG Xiaoxi, ZHANG Hui and HU Yule
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):54-55 [Abstract(267)]  [View PDF 127.18 K (531)]
Comparison of Different-sized Chromite Mineralizations in the Yarlung-Zangbo Ophiolite Belt, Southern Tibet
  ZHU Xiangkun, SHE Yuwei, HE Yuan, MA Jianxiong and SUN Jian
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):56-57 [Abstract(262)]  [View PDF 130.01 K (529)]
The 9th National Member Congress and the 16th Academic Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society for Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry Xi’an, China, 18-21 April, 2017
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):57 [Abstract(255)]  [View PDF]
1 Mineral Structures and Mineral Surface Processes
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):57-58 [Abstract(218)]  [View PDF]
A Reconstruction and Discussion of the Effect of Diagenetic Environment on Hydrocarbon Generation Based on Diagenetic Mineral Assemblage in Mudstone
  DU Jiazong, CAI Jingong, ZENG Xiang, BAO Yujin and LIU Fei
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):58 [Abstract(258)]  [View PDF 35.39 K (651)]
Patterns of Clay Minerals Transformation in Clay Gouge, with Examples from Revers Fault Rocks in Devonina Niqiuhe Formation in The Dayangshu Basin
  MENG Jie, LI Benxian, ZHANG Juncheng and LIU Xiaoyang
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):59-60 [Abstract(230)]  [View PDF 234.52 K (772)]
The Occurrence Mechanism of Gold in Pyrite from the Qiucun Gold Deposit in Fujian Province, China
  ZHANG He, CAI Yuanfeng, NI Pei and ZHANG Yang
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):61-62 [Abstract(254)]  [View PDF 41.94 K (905)]
2 Subduction crust-mantle interaction and chemical geodynamics
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):62-63 [Abstract(270)]  [View PDF]
Magma Mixing and Mingling for Xiangjiananshan Granitic batholith at eastern area of the East Kunlun Orogenic Belt
  CHEN Guochao, PEI Xianzhi, LI Ruibao, LI Zuochen, LIU Chenjun, CHEN Youxin and PEI Lei
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):63 [Abstract(347)]  [View PDF 35.01 K (600)]
Petrogenesis of the Early Cretaceous Tiantangshan A-type Granite in northwestern Guangdong province, SE China and tectonic implications
  JIA Ruya, WANG Guochang, GENG Lin, ZHANG Zhihui and JIA Hongxiang
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):64-65 [Abstract(244)]  [View PDF 117.98 K (789)]
Late Cambrian SSZ-type Ophiolites in Acite Zone, East Kunlun Orogen of Northern Tibet Plateau: Insights from Zircon U-Pb Isotopes and Geochemistry of Oceanic Crust Rocks
  LI Ruibao, PEI Xianzhi, LI Zuochen, PEI Lei, CHEN Guochao, CHEN Youxin and LIU Chengjun
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):66-67 [Abstract(248)]  [View PDF 139.49 K (693)]
Geochemical Characteristics of the Tayuan Volcanic Rocks in the Daxinganling Metallogenic Belt
  LI Chao, Ren Tao, HUANG Jianguo, HAN Runsheng, ZHOU Hongyang and FENG Zhihong
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):68-69 [Abstract(289)]  [View PDF 264.30 K (736)]
3 In situ Geochemical Tracing of Granitic Magma Processes
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):69-70 [Abstract(228)]  [View PDF]
Petrogenesis of the Early Cretaceous Laojunshan monzogranite at the southern margin of the North China Craton: Constrains on the transition of the tectonic regime
  CAO Leitao, TANG Huayun, ZHENG Jianping, REN Hongwei, YU Chunmei, XU Zhou and HE Shuai
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):70-71 [Abstract(224)]  [View PDF 193.50 K (773)]
Re-recognition of Tieshan “Syenite” and its Geological Significance in Zhenghe, Fujian Province
  CHEN Shizhong, XING Guangfu, LI Yanan, XI Wanwan, ZHU Xiaoting and ZHANG Xiaodong
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):72-73 [Abstract(265)]  [View PDF 167.53 K (528)]
Alkaline Prophyries in the Chenghai-Binchuan Tectono-Magmatic Belt, Western Yunnan Province, SW China
  CUI Yinliang, XU Heng , ZHOU Jiaxi, ZHANG Miaohong, JIANG Yongguo and ZENG Min
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):74-75 [Abstract(227)]  [View PDF 101.76 K (792)]
Emplacement Depths and Exhumation of Mesozoic Granitoids Responding to Lithospheric Destruction in the Jiaodong Peninsula, North China Craton
  DOU Jingzhao, ZHANG Huafeng and CHEN, Fukun
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):76-77 [Abstract(232)]  [View PDF 65.17 K (655)]
Zircon Mineralogy and Trace Elements Composition of the Metallogenic Granites in the Nanshankeng Mine,Eastern Nanling
  FAN Feipeng, XIAO Huiliang, CHEN Lezhu, LI Haili, CAI Yitao and ZHOU Yan
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):78-79 [Abstract(234)]  [View PDF 199.70 K (752)]
Experimental Study on Adsorption of Rare Earth Elements on Kaolinite and Halloysite
  GAO Yuhong, FAN Chenzi and XU Hong
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):80-82 [Abstract(245)]  [View PDF 78.37 K (923)]
Geological and geochemical characteristics of Middle Jurassic granites in Bengbu uplift, Southeast of North China craton
  Kang Congxuan, Yang Xianzhong, Cai Yitao, Zong Wen and Zhu Xiaoting
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):83-85 [Abstract(251)]  [View PDF 147.00 K (746)]
Age and geochemistry of the Neoproterozoic granitoids in the the Songnen–Zhangguangcai Range Massif, NE China: Petrogenesis and tectonic implications
  LUAN Jinpeng, XU Wenliang, WANG Feng, WANG Zhiwei and GUO Peng
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):86-87 [Abstract(238)]  [View PDF 47.35 K (551)]
Zircon U-Pb age and geochemical characteristics of granodiorites from the western Qilian block
  OUYANG Huizi, LI Zhiwu, ZHU Lidong, YANG Wenguang and TAO Gang
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):88-89 [Abstract(232)]  [View PDF 142.84 K (634)]
Geochemical Characteristics and Uranium Mineralization Potential of The Yanshanian Granite in The West of Yunnan Province
  SUN Kang,XU Zhengqi ang YIN Minghui
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):90-91 [Abstract(287)]  [View PDF 52.59 K (702)]
Zircon U-Pb dating,Geochemical Features of the Halunwusu Composite Granites at the Northern Edge of Southern Qilian,Qinghai
  TAO Gang, ZHU Lidong, YANG Wenguang, LI Zhiwu and XIE Long
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):92-93 [Abstract(285)]  [View PDF 205.87 K (488)]
Petrogenesis and Significance of the Jebel Dumbier Alkaline-Carbonatite Complex from North Margin of Nuba Mountains, Sudan
  WANG Lianxun, MA Changqian, MUSA A.S. Mushaal and ABDALLSAMED I.M. Mohammmed
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):94-95 [Abstract(222)]  [View PDF 129.82 K (674)]
Chronology and Genesis of S-type Granites in Hetai District, Guangdong Province: Constraints from LA-ICP-MS Zircon U-Pb Dating and Tourmaline Boron Isotope In-situ Analyses
  WANG Lixing, XU Deru, CHEN Genwen and ZHU Yuhua
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):96-97 [Abstract(417)]  [View PDF 111.35 K (855)]
Petrogenesis of I-type granites from Yuqikapa granite pluton of the western Kunlun orogen: Deformation-driven filter-pressing differentiation
  WEI Xiaopeng, WANG He, DONG Rui, LI Pei, Zhang Xiaoyu, QIU Zengwang and YAN Qinghe
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):98-99 [Abstract(259)]  [View PDF 128.15 K (548)]
Characteristics of highly differentiated granite and metallization of tungsten-tin, rare and rare earth metal in the eastern Nanling region, China
  XIAO Huiliang, CHEN Lezhu, FAN Feipeng, LI Haili, BAO Xiaoming, YAO Zhenghong, ZHOU Yan and CAI Yitao
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):100-101 [Abstract(245)]  [View PDF 115.16 K (669)]
Geochronology and geochemistry of early Paleozoic intrusive rocks from the Khanka Massif of the Russian Far East
  XU Ting, XU Wenliang, WANG Feng and GE Wenchun
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):102 [Abstract(218)]  [View PDF 42.95 K (443)]
Analysis on Uranium Mineralization Potential of Late Yanshanian Granites in Sichuan of Sanjiang Area
  YIN Minghui , XU Zhengqi, Zhou Ting and SUN Kang
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):103-104 [Abstract(238)]  [View PDF 52.65 K (746)]
Geochronology and geochemistry of the ore-bearing intrusion in the Longgen Lead-Zinc deposit in Tibet and its geological significance
  ZHANG Shuzhi, GAO Shunbao, ZHANG Yongchao, LUAN Kang and JIANG Xiaojia
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):105-106 [Abstract(249)]  [View PDF 147.02 K (676)]
Crustal Accretion and Reworking within the Khanka Massif: Evidence from Zircon Hf Isotopes of Phanerozoic Granitoids
  Zhang Xiaoming, XU Wenliang, WANG Feng, XU Ting
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):107-108 [Abstract(258)]  [View PDF 100.42 K (593)]
Mineral Chemical Characteristics of Gabbro-diorite for Shulouqiu Uranium Deposit in Northern Guangdong, China: Constraint on the Magmatic Source
  ZHONG Fujun, PAN Jiayong, LIU Guoqi, LIU Wenquan and QI Jiaming
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):109-110 [Abstract(253)]  [View PDF 89.11 K (584)]
An Unique Glomerophyric Diorite Porphyry from the Southern Margin of North China Craton: Geochronology, Geochemical and Quantitative Textural Analysis Constraints
  ZHU Yuxiang, WANG Lianxun and MA Changqian
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):111-112 [Abstract(236)]  [View PDF 117.19 K (757)]
4 Mantle-derived magmatic activity and mantle processes
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):112 [Abstract(200)]  [View PDF]
Features and significance of the Yudai porphyry copper deposit in the Kalatag district, eastern Tianshan, NW China
  CHEN Lei, WANG Jingbin, DENG Xiaohua, WU Xiangbin, MAO Qigui and SUN Yan
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):113-114 [Abstract(229)]  [View PDF 99.42 K (842)]
Precambrian Mantle Characteristics as Recorded by the Episodic Mafic Magmatism in the Liaodong Peninsula
  LI Zhuang, WEI Chunjing and CHEN Bin
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):115-116 [Abstract(220)]  [View PDF 186.75 K (917)]
Geochemical characteristics and geological significance of picritic rocks in Permian Tiaohu Formation from Santanghu Basin, Xinjiang, NW China
  NAN Yun, LIU Yiqun, ZHOU Dingwu, JIAO Xin, and LI Zhexuan
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):117-118 [Abstract(224)]  [View PDF 43.22 K (455)]
5 Metamorphism and Evolution of Orogenic Belt
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):118 [Abstract(237)]  [View PDF]
Magma Mixing and Mingling for Xiangjiananshan Granitic batholith at eastern area of the East Kunlun Orogenic Belt
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):119-120 [Abstract(259)]  [View PDF 44.59 K (424)]
6 Tectonic Evolution and Resource Effect of Central Orogenic System
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):120 [Abstract(211)]  [View PDF]
Early Paleozoic Magmatism and Crustal Evolution in the North Qinling Orogen
  LIU Bingxiang, RUAN Renhao, HAN Shen, CUI Zikang, QI Meng, and LI Yin
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):121-122 [Abstract(249)]  [View PDF 124.54 K (806)]
Introduction of Simulating the Motion of Rigid Ellipsoidal Objects in Ductile Shear Zone Based on the Jeffery’s Theory
  Yang Rui, Da Zhijiang
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):123-124 [Abstract(235)]  [View PDF 74.49 K (469)]
7 Paleogeography and Superficial Evolution of Basin-mountain Tectonic and Distribution of Energy Resources
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):124 [Abstract(199)]  [View PDF]
Analysis on Preferred Flowing Path in Shallow Water Delta Front Based on Reservoir Architecture
  Chen Le, Yin Taiju, Lin Zhipeng, Xiong Yunbin and Liu Yunhua
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):125-126 [Abstract(253)]  [View PDF 43.64 K (651)]
The Anatomy of Shallow Water Sandy Braided River Reservoir Architecture
  CHEN Liang, YIN Taiju, SU Yangling, WANG Mengmeng, SHEN Chunsheng and LI Menglu
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):127-128 [Abstract(257)]  [View PDF 41.91 K (583)]
Distribution Patterns of Remaining Hydrocarbons Controlled by Reservoir Architecture of Distributary Channel with Different Channel Style: S2 Formation of Songliao Basin, China
  LI Weiqiang, YIN Taiju, ZHAO Lun and ZHAO Liangdong
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):129-130 [Abstract(231)]  [View PDF 40.71 K (617)]
The Characteristics of the Hydrothermal Exhalative Dolostone of Lucaogou Formation in Santanghu basin and its Geology Setting Indication
  LI Zhexuan, LIU Yiqun, JIAO Xin, LI Hong
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):131 [Abstract(242)]  [View PDF 43.58 K (457)]
The Lithofacies Paleogeography and Paleoenvironmental evolution of the Cenozoic in the Weihe Basin, China
  Li Zhichao, Li Wenhou and Li Yongxiang
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):132-133 [Abstract(327)]  [View PDF 21.21 K (428)]
Geomorphology Processes of Channel Planform Migration on Meandering Rivers
  LIN Zhipeng, SHAN Jingfu, and CHEN Le
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):134-135 [Abstract(251)]  [View PDF 140.98 K (775)]
The new discovery of Oligocene cyprinidae fossil in Qaidam basin, Northwest China
  LIU Yongjie, LIYongxiang, LI Hong, NIU Yuanzhe, LIU Fanand DONG Yangkun
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):136-137 [Abstract(263)]  [View PDF 206.37 K (490)]
Stratigraphic Correlation And Division of the Salite Strata
  WANG Hao, YIN Taiju and WANG Shu
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):138-139 [Abstract(222)]  [View PDF 75.25 K (573)]
Geological and geochemical evolution of forming of kalium-rich brine in Sichuan Basin
  XU Zhengqi, YIN Guan, ZHANG Chengjiang and CHEN Xuanrong
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):140-141 [Abstract(272)]  [View PDF 100.30 K (692)]
Diageneses and Their Influences on Reservoir Properties of Chang 2 Oil Member in Renshan Region, Zhidan Oilfield, Ordos Basin
  YANG Kang, ZHOU Xue, LI Hong , XIE Wei, DONG Yangkun, LIU Yongjie, SONG Shijun and ZHAO Leizhao
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):142-143 [Abstract(261)]  [View PDF 266.35 K (530)]
Tectonic-Thermal Evolution History and Its Controls on Petroleum Geology of Weibei Uplift
  YANG Peng, REN Zhanli, XIA Bin, LIU Weiliang and HUANG Qiangtai
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):144-145 [Abstract(234)]  [View PDF 57.45 K (611)]
Experimental Study on the Effect of Sediment Composition Ratio on Shallow Water Delta
  ZENG Can, YIN Taiju, SONG Yakai and YAN Xiujin
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):146-147 [Abstract(238)]  [View PDF 3.19 M (671)]
Application of Attributes Fusion Technology in Prediction of Deep Reservoirs in Paleogene of Bohai Sea
  ZHANG Daxiang, YIN Taiju, SUN Shaochuan and SHI Qian
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):148-149 [Abstract(275)]  [View PDF 37.00 K (633)]
8 Biogeochemical Cycles of Surface Earth Systems and Their Ecological and Environmental Effects
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):149 [Abstract(234)]  [View PDF]
Ecological effects of the microbial weathering of silicate minerals
  LIAN Bin, XIAO Leilei, and SUN Qibiao
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):150-152 [Abstract(264)]  [View PDF 78.15 K (692)]
Earthworms’ Transcriptome and Gut Microbiota Response to Mineral Weathering
  LIU Dianfeng, LIAN Bin, WU Chunhao, GUO Peijun
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):153-154 [Abstract(250)]  [View PDF 60.22 K (659)]
Surface Sediment Density and Moisture Content in North slope of South China Sea
  ZHANG Bowen, ZHU Chaoqi, JIA Yonggang, ZHANG Xiatao, DAI Xinnan, SHEN Zhicong, JIANG Jun and WANG Xinquan
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):155-156 [Abstract(272)]  [View PDF 469.94 K (627)]
Review and Significance of Microbial Carbonate Reservoirs in China
  ZHANG Jing, ZHANG Baomin and SHAN Xiuqin
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):157 [Abstract(278)]  [View PDF 117.42 K (684)]
9 Soil, Water and Air Pollution Control Science and Engineering Environmental Mineralogy
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):157-158 [Abstract(292)]  [View PDF]
Spectroscopic Analysis of Spherical Graphite from Xinjiang Altai
  CHENG Siyu and CHUAN Xiuyun
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):159-160 [Abstract(299)]  [View PDF 136.94 K (483)]
Effect of activation temperature on the properties of double layer capacitance of diatomite-templated carbon
  LI Aijun and CHUAN Xiuyun
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):161-162 [Abstract(229)]  [View PDF 86.57 K (551)]
The Characterization of Aortic Valve Calcification at Different Stage of Disease
  LI Yuan, WANG Changqiu, LU Anhuai, LI Yan, LI Kang, YANG Chongqing
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):163 [Abstract(268)]  [View PDF 134.69 K (558)]
Geochemistry Characteristics of the Diaoyutai Complexes in Liaoning, eastern North China Craton
  LU Lina, LI Jing, YANG Ming, YUAN Sihua and BAI Xiangdong
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):164-165 [Abstract(246)]  [View PDF 101.91 K (673)]
Effect of goethite on anaerobic co-digestion process of corn straw and algae biomass
  MA Ding, QIN Zhiyong, YUE Zhengbo, CHEN Tianhu and WANG Jin
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):166-167 [Abstract(314)]  [View PDF 169.12 K (649)]
Study of fate and transport of chromium in unsaturated zone- saturated zone
  Yan baizhong, and Yu Furong
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):168-169 [Abstract(237)]  [View PDF 49.42 K (494)]
Study on Electrochemical Properties of MnO2/MoS2 composites
  YANG Yang and CHUAN Xiuyun
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):170-172 [Abstract(262)]  [View PDF 69.18 K (757)]
10 Mineralization Process, Mineralization End Effect and Prospecting Prediction
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):172 [Abstract(230)]  [View PDF]
Ore-controlling Characteristics of Synchronous Faults of Dongshengmiao Polymetallic Sulfide Deposits in Inner Mongolia
  CHEN Xifeng, PENG Runmin, YE Jinhua and XIANG Yunchuan
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):173-174 [Abstract(258)]  [View PDF 68.06 K (497)]
Trace Element Geochemistry of Devonian Strata in the Shizhuyuan Ore District, Hunan Province
  CHENG Yongsheng, WANG Yong and TAN Ruofa
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):175-176 [Abstract(249)]  [View PDF 109.80 K (657)]
Hydrothermal activities and related antimony mineralization in Shalagang mine of southern Tibet
  HE Junguo, ZHOU Yongzhang, WANG Shugong and ZHANG Yanlong
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):177-178 [Abstract(255)]  [View PDF 238.98 K (511)]
Analysis on Prospecting Potential of Tungsten Polymetallic Ore in Haergeng of Gonghe County, Qinghai Province
  LI Peng, ZHOU Ting and YIN Minghui
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):179-180 [Abstract(323)]  [View PDF 31.15 K (539)]
Genesis of the Jincheng Gold Deposit in Luoshan County, Henan Province, China
  LIU Hong, LIU Ge, KE Changhui
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):181-182 [Abstract(239)]  [View PDF 286.10 K (623)]
Geochemical characteristics of magnetites from the Lala IOCG deposit of Huili Sichuan, China, and their genetic research
  LIU Xiaowen , ZHENG Kai and LI Zeqin
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):183-184 [Abstract(227)]  [View PDF 61.20 K (588)]
Age and geochemistry of the Neoproterozoic granitoids in the the Songnen–Zhangguangcai Range Massif, NE China: Petrogenesis and tectonic implications
  LUAN Jinpeng, XU Wenliang, WANG Feng, WANG Zhiwei and GUO Peng
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):185-186 [Abstract(263)]  [View PDF 166.10 K (471)]
Geochemistry Characteristics of Granodiorite Porphyry in the Degongniuchang Copper Deposit, Muli, Sichuan Province, China
  MA Pengcheng, WANG Fudong, XIE Yunxi, PENG Dong, LI Hujie and XU Gang
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):187-188 [Abstract(241)]  [View PDF 98.51 K (649)]
Ar-Ar Geochronology Study on K-feldspar in Xishan W-Sn Ore Deposit in Yangchun, Guangdong Province
  TAN Juanjuan, MEI Yuping, YANG Hongmei, LU Shansong, DUAN Ruichun and QIU Xiaofei
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):189-190 [Abstract(256)]  [View PDF 37.19 K (547)]
Metallogenic Regularity of Hydrothermal Uranium Deposits in the Migmatite of the Kangdian Axis
  XU Zhengqi, OUYANG Xindong,CHEN Xuanrong,ZHANG Chengjiang and YAO Jian
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):191-192 [Abstract(298)]  [View PDF 40.21 K (643)]
11 "the Belt and Road Initiatives" Resources and Environment
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):192 [Abstract(192)]  [View PDF]
In-situ Observations of Engineering Geological Environment during Hydrate Production Tests in Deepwater
  ZHU Chaoqi, and JIA Yonggang
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):193-194 [Abstract(279)]  [View PDF 94.32 K (654)]
12 Mineralization System and Prospecting Technology for Metallogenic Deposits in Sedimentary Basins
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):194 [Abstract(210)]  [View PDF]
The Features of Sedimentary Facies and Copper Enrichment Metallogenic Regularities of Kuzigongsu Group in Sareke Glutenite Type Copper Deposits,Wuqia,Xinjiang
  WANG Lei, FANG Weixuan, JIA Runxing LU Jia and YE Lei
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):195-196 [Abstract(274)]  [View PDF 41.75 K (601)]
Ore-controllingRegularitiesof Structureinthe LehongLead-zinc Deposit, Northeastern Yunnan
  CUI Junhao,HAN Runsheng,ZHAO Dong and ZHANG Xiaopei
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):197-198 [Abstract(233)]  [View PDF 57.35 K (624)]
Innovations on Assembled Techniques of Geochemical Lithofacies and Their Applications in Basin Analysis and Exploration for Minerals in Basins
  FANG Weixuan
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):199-201 [Abstract(218)]  [View PDF 67.52 K (490)]
Ore-controlling Regularities of Thrust-fold structures and features of Tectono-geochemical Anomalies at the Xiaozhuqing Exploration Area in the Huize Zn-Pb District
  Gong Hongsheng, Han Runsheng, Li Ziteng, Ren Tao and Wang Jiasheng
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):202-203 [Abstract(229)]  [View PDF 58.84 K (639)]
Mineral-geochemical analysis on the Danzhou tungsten-cesium polymetallic deposit, Hainan Province
  GUO Yuqian, FANG Weixuan, SUN Zijian and CAO Jingwei
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):204-205 [Abstract(267)]  [View PDF 51.43 K (666)]
Tectonic Geochemical Characteristics and Ore Prediction in Hongdoushan Copper Deposit, Yunxian, Yunnan
  GUO Zehua, WANG Lei,HAN Runsheng, WANG Jiasheng, BAI Longan, QIU Wenlong, LIU Fei, CUI Junhao and TAN Wei
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):206-207 [Abstract(229)]  [View PDF 100.28 K (543)]
Metallogenic Regularities and Deposit Type of Rich (Ge-Ag)-Zn-Pb Deposits in the Sichuan-Yunnan-Guizhou Triangle (SYGT) Area, China
  HAN RunSheng, WANG Feng, ZHANG Yan, ZHOU Gaoming and HE Jiaojiao
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):208-209 [Abstract(252)]  [View PDF 41.50 K (590)]
Studies on Cataclastic Lithofacies and Copper Metallogenic Regularity for the Glutenite-type Sareke Copper deposit, Xinjiang
  HAN Wenhua, FANG Weixuan, ZHANG Guishan, Lu jia, Wang lei, JIA Runxing,LI Tiancheng
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):210-211 [Abstract(256)]  [View PDF 111.19 K (1064)]
Studies on Characteristics of Fracture Lithofaciesin Wenxipo W-Cs-RbPolymetallic Deposit,Hainan Province,China
  HAO Guibao, FANG Weixuan, GUO Yuqian and CAO Jingwei
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):212-213 [Abstract(209)]  [View PDF 94.66 K (437)]
Tectono-geochemical Characteristics at the level 1584m in Huize Zinc-Lead Deposit, Yunnan Province
  He Jiaojiao, Han Runsheng and Wu Peng
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):214-215 [Abstract(221)]  [View PDF 100.11 K (468)]
Geochemical Characteristics and Significance of Basalt in the Hongshiyan Pb-Zn-Cu Polymetallic Deposit in Southeastern Yunnan Province
  HUANG Jianguo, HAN Runsheng, WANG Lei and LI Zhiqiang
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):216 [Abstract(246)]  [View PDF 104.02 K (503)]
“Structure-Lithologic-Fluid” Metallogenic Coupling of the Wuzhishan Lead-Zinc Deposit in Puding, Guizhou Province
  JIN Zhongguo, ZHENG Minghong, ZHOU Jiaxi, HUANG Zhilong and LIU Ling
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):217-219 [Abstract(222)]  [View PDF 256.68 K (518)]
Alteration and Mineralization Types of the Laurani Porphyry Deposit in Central-Andean Metallogenic Belt, Bolivia
  LIU Fei, HAN Runsheng, WANG Jiasheng and LI Wenyao
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):220-221 [Abstract(230)]  [View PDF 49.08 K (559)]
Petrogeochemistry, geochronology and its geological significance of the granite from Baishipo Ag deposit, Dabie orogen
  LIU Qingquan, SHAO Yongjun, ZHOU KePing and LI Yongfeng
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):222-223 [Abstract(252)]  [View PDF 32.49 K (563)]
Mineral Geochemical Characteristics and Indication Significance of Biotite - Rutile in the Gabbro Intrusions in the Yinmin Iron-Copper District, Yunnan
  SUN Zijian, FANG Weixuan, Lu Jia, GUO Yuqian and SONG Lihong
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):224-226 [Abstract(251)]  [View PDF 64.46 K (621)]
Ore-forming fluid characteristics and ore-forming materials source of the Tudimiaogou – Yindongshan lead-zinc polymetallic orefield, west Henan
  TAN Huajie, SHAO Yongjun, ZHENG Minghong, ZHOU Houdi, ZHANG Jiandong, PENG Guangxiong and Cheng Luping
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):227-228 [Abstract(241)]  [View PDF 99.38 K (574)]
Comparative Study and Spatial-Temporal Distribution of Regolith and Rock Geochemical Data from Xingmeng - North China
  TANG Kun, WANG Xueqiu, CHI Qinghua ZHOU Jian, LIU Dongsheng and LIU Hanliang
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):229-230 [Abstract(230)]  [View PDF 51.35 K (602)]
Element-Combinations from Evidences of Tectono-geochemistry of The Lekai Pb-Zn Deposit in Northwestern Guizhou, China
  WAN Xin, HAN Runsheng and LI Bo
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):231-232 [Abstract(280)]  [View PDF 35.64 K (509)]
The geology and geochemistry of the Shizitou molybdenum deposit, Jiangxi province, China: Implications for the geodynamic setting
  WANG Cheng, SHAO Yongjun, LIU Zhongfa, ZHANG Yu, WEI Hantao
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):233-234 [Abstract(259)]  [View PDF 89.68 K (663)]
Global Uranium Resources in Sedimentary Basins and the Characteristics of Oil, Gas, Coal and Uranium Coexisting in one Basin
  WANG Feifei, LIU Chiyang, NIU Haiqing, DENG Yu, MA Huanhuan and WANG Wenqing
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):235-236 [Abstract(479)]  [View PDF 51.51 K (660)]
Geochemical Characteristics and Ore-Forming Environment in the Qujiashan Manganese Deposit, Shaanxi
  WANG Ziyong, HAN Runsheng and REN Tao
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):237-238 [Abstract(246)]  [View PDF 41.03 K (626)]
Characteristics of the ore-forming fluid in the Huayuan Pb-Zn ore filed, Northwest of Hunan Province, China
  WEI Hantao, SHAO Yongjun, ZHOU Haodi, WANG Cheng and XIONG Yiqu
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):239-240 [Abstract(200)]  [View PDF 122.79 K (615)]
REE Gochemistry of Fuorite from the Maozu Pb-Zn Dposit, Nrtheastern Yunnan, China
  WU Yongtao HAN RunSheng
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):241-242 [Abstract(214)]  [View PDF 106.59 K (512)]
Hydrothermal mineralization on Dengfuxian W-Sn-Pb-Zn orefield, SE China
  XIONG Yiqu, SHAO Yongjun, ZHENG Minghong, ZHOU Haodi, WU Shichong and ZHU Haofeng
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):243-244 [Abstract(234)]  [View PDF 40.94 K (595)]
On Mineralize-halo-forming Mechanism of Sareke Glutenite-type Copper Deposit in Xinjiang
  YU Wangjie, FANG Weixuan, Guo Yuqian, Wang Lei, Li Tiancheng and Lu Jia
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):245-246 [Abstract(228)]  [View PDF 41.19 K (566)]
Application of Tectono Geochemical Study in Deep Concealed Ore Body Exploration-------As the Huize Super-Large Lead-Zinc Deposit an exemple
  ZHANG Quan, GUO Yuxinyue, PU Chuanjie and WANG Feng
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):247-248 [Abstract(227)]  [View PDF 47.07 K (575)]
Quantitative Analysis of Mineralization-Alteration Index about the Huize Lead-zinc district in Northeast Yunnan, China
  ZHANG Xiaopei, HAN Runsheng, ZHAO Dong,QIU Wenlong,HE Jiaojiao and CUI Junhao
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):249-250 [Abstract(219)]  [View PDF 126.77 K (489)]
Metallogenic Processes:EvidencesfromZoning Patterns of Mineralization and alteration and fluid inclusion geochemistryin the LehongZn-Pb Deposit in Northeastern Yunnan, China
  ZHAO dong, HAN Runshen,REN Tao, WANG Jiasheng, ZHANG Xiao-pei, WU Yongtao and CUI Junhao
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):251-252 [Abstract(252)]  [View PDF 126.90 K (377)]
In-situ Major and Trace Elements Analysis for Garnets from the Xitian Orefield, SE China: Implications for Skarn-type Mineralization
  ZHOU Haodi, SHAO Yongjun, XIONG Yiqu and LIU Jianping
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):253-254 [Abstract(235)]  [View PDF 191.26 K (583)]
13 Mathematical Geological Model and Large Data Analysis of Deposit-Geochemistry
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):254 [Abstract(183)]  [View PDF]
Forming Condition and Geology Prediction Techniques of Deep Clastic Reservoirs
  QIAN Wendao, YIN Taiju, ZHANG Changmin, HOU Guowei, HE Miao, Xia Min and Wang Hao
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):255-256 [Abstract(244)]  [View PDF 146.98 K (687)]
14 Geological Process and Mineralization in the Asian Continental
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):256 [Abstract(186)]  [View PDF]
Metallogenic Characteristics of the Major Type Deposits in Southeast Asia
  CHEN Xifeng, YE Jinhua, XIANG Yunchuan and CHEN Xiufa
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):257-258 [Abstract(219)]  [View PDF 49.90 K (483)]
Liquid-plastic Limit of Surface Sediments in North Slope of South China Sea
  JIANG Jun, ZHU Chaoqi, SHEN Zhicong, ZHANG Bowen, ZHANG Xiatao, WANG Xinquan and JIA Yonggang
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):259-260 [Abstract(316)]  [View PDF 147.30 K (739)]
Research advance in sediment provenance of the Qiongdongnan Basin
  WANG Ce, LIANG Xinquan, LIANG Xirong, DONG Chaoge and XIE Hao
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):261-262 [Abstract(255)]  [View PDF 51.49 K (578)]
15 Nano Earth Science and Resources Energy Effects
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):262 [Abstract(210)]  [View PDF]
The aggregation characteristics and formation mechanism of nanoparticles in ductile shear zone
  CAI Zhourong, HUANG Qiangtai, LI Jianfeng, XIANG Junyang and LU Lijuan
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):263-264 [Abstract(238)]  [View PDF 59.21 K (633)]
Oderly accumulation theory of shale system petroleum resource and its prospecting significance- A case study of Chang 7 Member of Yanchang Formation in Ordos Basin
  Cui Jingwei, Zhu Rukai, Li Shixiang and Zhang Zhongyi
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):265-266 [Abstract(235)]  [View PDF 61.25 K (591)]
16 The Formation and Evolution of the Moon - A New Understanding Based on the Chang'e Project
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):266 [Abstract(205)]  [View PDF]
Siderophile Element Compositions of Pyroxenes in HED Meteorites: Implications for the Differentiation of Magma Ocean on Vesta
  CHEN Hongyi, MIAO Bingkui, XIE Lanfang and SHAO Huimin
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):267-268 [Abstract(204)]  [View PDF 154.39 K (686)]
Compositions and possible sources of lunar meteorite NWA 4884
  CHEN Jian, LING Zongcheng, LI Bo, SUN Lingzhi, ZHANG Jiang, HUANG Yihang, WU Zhongchen, NI Yuheng and LIU Jianzhong
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):269-270 [Abstract(212)]  [View PDF 638.92 K (894)]
Mineralogy and Petrology of A New Lunar Meteorite M16005
  LIU Huanxin, MIAO Bingkui, HUANG Lilin and WANG Yulong
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):271-272 [Abstract(229)]  [View PDF 164.07 K (563)]
High Precision Tungsten Isotope Measurements by MC-ICPMS
  MEI Qingfeng and YANG Jinhui
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):273-274 [Abstract(224)]  [View PDF 174.02 K (979)]
A special unbrecciated granoblastic textured basaltic eucrite meteorite
  ZHANG Chuantong, MIAO Bingkui, XIE Lanfang, XIA Zhipeng and CHEN Hongyi
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):275-276 [Abstract(258)]  [View PDF 120.90 K (535)]
The origin of ferroan and magnesian anorthosites in the lunar crust
  Zhu Dan, Zhang Mingming and Xu Yingkui
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):277-278 [Abstract(235)]  [View PDF 62.20 K (603)]
17 Other
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):278 [Abstract(224)]  [View PDF]
Geochemical characteristics of upper SinianDengying dolomite at northern Yangtze platform: implication for Pb-Zn metallogenesis
  CHEN Baoyun,LI Rongxi, YU Jinjie, LIU Shuaijie, ZHANG Shaoni
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):279-280 [Abstract(215)]  [View PDF]
Comparisons on Mineralogy and Lithology between Paleozoic Marine and Lacustrine Dolostones, Northern China
  LI Hong, LIU Yiqun, NIU Yuanzhe, FENG Shihai, LEI Yun and LIU Yongjie
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):281-282 [Abstract(248)]  [View PDF]
Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Sediments in China: Recent Advances and Prospects
  SONG Licai, GUO Yingchun, ZHANG Kaixun and ZHANG Linyan
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):283-284 [Abstract(230)]  [View PDF]
A set of source- and age-diagnostic biomarkers discovered in the marine oils
  WANG Guangli, ZHANG Qin, YANG Xiaofa, MA Zhongzhen and XIE Yinfu
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):285-286 [Abstract(252)]  [View PDF]
The Geochemical Characteristics and Metallogenic Mechanism of the Daliangzi Pb-Zn Deposit in Sichuan Province
  WANG Hai, CHENG Xiyin, SUN Zijian and JIANG Binbin
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):287-288 [Abstract(230)]  [View PDF]
Geochemistry, geochronology and mineralization of the rare-metal granites in the Daping Ta-Nb deposit, Fujian Province, South China
  WANG Jinrong, HU Yongbin, HUANG Shufeng, CHEN Bin, YE Yuansheng, LUO Xiaohua and Lv Xinbiao
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):289-290 [Abstract(226)]  [View PDF]
Study on Strontium Mineralization by Thiobacilus Denitrificans for Remediation
  WU Qinqin, DAI Qunwei, Han Linbao
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):291-292 [Abstract(256)]  [View PDF]
Study of the Mineralization Process of granular apatites in Weng’an Baidou Phosphate Deposit Using Microbeam Analyses
  YANGH Haiying, XIAO Jiafei, LI Yantao and XU Jianbin
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):293-295 [Abstract(234)]  [View PDF]
The Research Status and Major Problems of High Temperature and High Pressure Experiment on Petrogenesis and mineralization
  ZHANG Yan, HAN Runsheng, WEI Pingtang and ZHOU Gaoming
  Published 4月 20, 2017
  2017,91(Z1):296-297 [Abstract(266)]  [View PDF]