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本文将参加年度优秀论文评选,如果您觉得这篇文章很好,请投下您宝贵的一票,谢谢! 支持(2)   不支持(0)

A New Method for Determining Fluid Compositions in the H2O-NaCl-CaCl2 System with Cryogenic Raman Spectroscopy
投稿时间:2014-03-14  修订日期:2014-06-13  点此下载全文
引用本文:CHI Guoxiang1,*, CHU Haixia1, Ryan SCOTT1 and CHOU I-Ming2.2014.A New Method for Determining Fluid Compositions in the H2O-NaCl-CaCl2 System with Cryogenic Raman Spectroscopy[J].ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA(English edition),88(4):1169~1182
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CHI Guoxiang1,*, CHU Haixia1, Ryan SCOTT1 and CHOU I-Ming2 1 Department of Geology, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4S 0A2, Canada
2 Laboratory for Experimental Study Under Deep-sea Extreme Conditions, Sanya Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sanya 572000, Hainan, China 
基金项目:This study was supported by an NSERC-Discovery grant (to Chi), and in part by the Knowledge Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIDSSE-201302). The use of trade, product, industry, or firm names in this report is for descriptive purpose only and does not constitute endorsement by the University of Regina and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Constructive reviews by three anonymous reviewers have improved the paper.
中文摘要:Raman peaks of various hydrates in the H2O-NaCl-CaCl2 system have been previously identified, but a quantitative relationship between the Raman peaks and XNaCl (i.e., NaCl/(NaCl+CaCl2)) has not been established, mainly due to the difficulty to freeze the solutions. This problem was solved by adding alumina powder to the solutions to facilitate nucleation of crystals. Cryogenic (-185oC) Raman spectroscopic studies of alumina-spiced solutions indicate that XNaCl is linearly correlated with the total peak area fraction of hydrohalite. Capsules of solutions made from silica capillary were prepared to simulate fluid inclusions. Most of these artificial fluid inclusions could not be totally frozen even at temperatures as low as -185oC, and the total peak area fraction of hydrohalite is not correlated linearly with XNaCl. However, the degree of deviation (DXNaCl) from the linear correlation established earlier is related to the amount of residual solution, which is reflected by the ratio (r) of the baseline “bump” area, resulting from the interstitial unfrozen brine near 3435 cm-1, and the total hydrate peak area between 3350 and 3600 cm-1. A linear correlation between DXNaCl and r is established to estimate XNaCl from cryogenic Raman spectroscopic analysis for fluid inclusions.
中文关键词:cryogenic, Raman, H2O-NaCl-CaCl2, XNaCl, fluid inclusion
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