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Mineralogical Evidence for Regional Metamorphism Overprinted by Contact Metamorphism
投稿时间:2010-07-18  修订日期:2011-06-22  点此下载全文
引用本文:Mahboobeh JAMSHIDI BADR, Fariborz MASOUDI, Alan S. COLLINS and Ali SORBI.2012.Mineralogical Evidence for Regional Metamorphism Overprinted by Contact Metamorphism[J].ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA(English edition),86(1):48~64
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Mahboobeh JAMSHIDI BADR, Fariborz MASOUDI, Alan S. COLLINS and Ali SORBI 1 Department of Geology, Payam Noor University, PO BOX 19395-3697 Tehran, Iran
2 Department of Geology, Shahid Beheshi University, Tehran, I.R of Iran
3 Tectonics, Resources and Exportation (TRaX), School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia 4 Department of Sciences, Karaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Karaj, I.R of Iran 
基金项目:The authors would like to express their gratitude to Angus Netting of Adelaide Microscopy (Adelaide, SA, Australia) for his assistance with the microprobe analysis. ASC and GC’s contribution forms TRaX Record ASC’s contribution forms TRaX Record #191. Field sampling was financially supported by the Research Vice Chancellor of Tarbiat Moallem University (Tehran, I.R of Iran).
中文摘要:The Soursat metamorphic complex (SMC) in northwestern Iran is part of the Sanandaj–Sirjan metamorphic belt. The complex is composed of different metamorphic and plutonic rocks, but is dominated by metapelites composed of garnet, staurolite, kyanite, fibrolite, cordierite, and andalusite. Porphyroblasts in schists have the same fabric, and three stages of schistosity are present. The internal schistosity (Sn) inclusion trails are also offset by conjugate sets of extensional schistosity (Sn+1) and a second (Sn+2) that crenulates (Sn+1). Polyphase metamorphisms are present in the complex. Garnet, staurolite, kyanite, and fibrolite assemblage preserves conditions during the M1 metamorphic event. This assemblage yields a P–t estimate of 645±11°C and 6.5±0.5 kbar. Other samples of the central part of SMC contain cordierite and andalusite (M2) overgrowth that yields a P–t estimate of 532±33°C and 2.1±1.1 kbar.
中文关键词:metamorphism, north–west Iran, Sanandaj–Sirjan zone, Soursat metamorphic complex
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