Elementary Issues of Metallotectonics

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    Based on the redefinition of metallotectonics, the concept system of the correlative tectonic nomenclatures of deposit was established. It is suggested that the metallotectonics refers to the geological structural units, which control the geometric configuration of orebodies, have independent natural boundary and are filled or metasomatized by orebearing substance. Based on the concept of metallotectonical unit, it is suggested that the metallotectonical series is an integration of a suit of correlative metallotectonical units forming under the same tectonic regime or some unique geologic process. The metallotectonics can be further classified into two types: the tectotype metallotectonics (tecto fracturing) resulted from the tectonic dynamic, and the hydrotype metallotectonics (fluid fracturing) from the effect of hydrokinetic force. Based on the configuration of metallotectonics, two metallotectonics mentioned above could be classified into four subtypes: brecciatype,veintype, netted veintype and disseminated type, respectively. The comparison of the differences of two metallotectonics types indicates in this study that the hydrothermaltype metallotectonics in faulting system formed commonly in the weakly deformed domains (Q domains), while the tectotype metallotectonics developed mainly in the strongly deformed belts (Pdomains). This study also discusses the relations among the deformation type, metallotectonical type and mineralization type, and indicates the existence of corresponding genetic relationship between metallotectonics and mineralization.

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WANG Jincao.2010. Elementary Issues of Metallotectonics[J]. Acta Geologica Sinica,84(1):59-69

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