Characteristics of carbonate Reservoir in Callovian-Oxfordian of samandepe gas field,Turkmenistan

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    There are plenty types of carbonate sedimentary facies in Callovian-Oxfordian of samandepe gasfield, Turkmenistan. It developed five facies belts, including platform slope, platform margin reef, shallow, open platform, and restricted platform. Among of them, platform margin reef and shallow stratum are most important intervals, and mainly developed high quality reservoirs. The reservoir lithology in Callovian-Oxfordian is mainly biolithite, bioclastic limestone, ooid limestone, and the strata is relatively thick. Comprehensive utilized geology, well drilling and seismic, and according to core description, thin section analysis and precipitation facies analysis, the author researched the different types of reservoir in samandepe gas field, including pore hole fissure type, Pinhole type, fissure Pinhole type and fissure type. Pore hole fissure reservoir is developed in platform margin reef facies which formed in energetic environment;Pinhole reservoir is mainly developed in platform margin shallow which is relatively energetic;Fissue-pinhole reservoir is developed in energetic shallow environment, and open platform;Fractured reservoir is mainly distributed in low energy environment, such as, laggon and subtide. Based on that, the electrofacies response models of different reservoir types are established. The author researches control action of the developed reservoir, caused by lithology, precipitation facies and diagenesis. The conclusion is that energetic reef flat facies has the best reservoir ability, strongly compaction and cementation are the most important elements of destroying reservoir property.

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zhangbing, zhengrongcai, liuhenian, wulei, chenRenjin.2010. Characteristics of carbonate Reservoir in Callovian-Oxfordian of samandepe gas field,Turkmenistan[J]. Acta Geologica Sinica,84(1):117-126

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