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Cite This Paper:.2014.[J].Acta Geologica Sinica(),88(4):1051-1059
A New Carcharodontosauria (Theropoda) from the Early Cretaceous of Guangxi, Southern China    Download PDF
MO Jinyou1  *  ZHOU Fusheng2  LI Guangning2  HUANG Zhen2    CAO Chenyun2
1 Natural History Museum of Guangxi, Nanning 530012, China; 2 Guangxi Institute of Regional Geological Survey, Guilin 541003, China
This work is supported by China Bureau of Geological Survey, the Department of Land and Resources of Guangxi, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (grant #40862001).
      A new large-bodied theropod dinosaur, Datanglong guangxiensis gen. et sp. nov., was recovered from the Lower Cretaceous Xinlong Formation of the Datang Basin, Guangxi. It is unique in several features including: posteriormost dorsal vertebra with teardrop-shaped pneumatic foramen confined by enlarged pcdl, acpl and the centrum; posteriormost dorsal with well-developed, horizontal prpl; posteriormost dorsal with a parapophysis projecting more laterally than the diapophysis; brevis fossa shallow with short, ridge-like medial blade; and iliac pubic peduncle with posteroventrally expanded margin. Cladistic analysis supports the idea that this new taxon Datanglong guangxiensis is a primitive member of the Carcharodontosauria in possessing two unambiguous synapomorphies: large external pneumatic foramina and internal spaces present in the lateral surface of ilium, and a peg-and-socket ischiac articulation with the ilium. The presence of the new taxon from Guangxi further confirms that Carcharodontosauria were cosmopolitan large-bodied predators during the Early–mid Cretaceous.
Key words:Theropoda, Carcharodontosauria, Lower Cretaceous  Xinlong Formation, Guangxi
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