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Structural Variability and Rifting Process of the Segmented Cenozoic Pearl River Mouth Basin, Northern Continental Margin of the South China Sea 待定
Crustal Structure of the Chuan-Dian Block Revealed by Deep Seismic Soundings, and the Implication of the Outward Expansion of the Tibetan Plateau Eastward 待定
Experimental simulation study on the dominant enrichment area of Terrestrial organic matter in the delta-shallow sedimentary system of Yacheng Formation in Qiongdongnan BasinXU XinDe1, YANG XiBing1, QU Tong2,3, GAO Gang2,3,*, LIANG Gang1, LI Xing1 待定
Fluid inclusion studies of ore and gangue minerals from the Piaotang tungsten deposit, Southern Jiangxi Province, China 待定
Initiation and Development of the late Cenozoic Uplift of Daluoshan Mountain, Northeastern Margin of the Tibetan Plateau 待定
Late Quaternary Slip Behavior of the Jinqianghe Fault in the Middle Qilian–Haiyuan Fault Zone, Northeastern Tibetan Plateau 待定
Petrogenesis and tectonic implications of A-type granites in Zhaheba in the East Junggar region of Xinjiang, China—Geochronological, geochemical, and Sr–Nd isotopic evidence 待定
Shale Lithofacies and Sedimentary Environment of the Third Member in Shahejie Formation, Zhanhua Sag, Eastern China 待定
The Paleozoic Tectonic Evolution of the South Altun Orogenic Belt: Insights from Geochemical, Zircon U–Pb and Lu–Hf Data from Granitic Rocks of the Mangya Area, NW China 待定
Petrogenesis of the Early Jurassic Longtang and Menglong peraluminous granites in Tengchong terrane and their tectonic implication 待定
Measurements of Sulfur Isotope Composition on Ultrasmall (80 nanomole) Sulfide and Sulfate Samples by EA-IRMS 待定
Petrogenesis of Early Carboniferous Ultramafic–mafic Volcanic Rocks in the Southern Changning–Menglian Belt, Southeastern Tibetan Plateau: Implications for the Evolution of the Palaeo-Tethyan Ocean 待定
Prediction of Shale Gas Pressure Based on Multi-channel Seismic Inversion in Fuling 待定
Petrogenesis of the Early Cretaceous Xiabie Co I-type Granite in southern Qiangtang, Tibet (Xizang), China: Evidence from whole-rock geochemistry, zircon U-Pb ages and Sm-Nd, Pb, and Hf isotopes 待定
Petrogenesis and tectonic implications of the Kwangsian orogen: Constrains from geochemical and Sr–Nd–Hf isotopic compositions of the early Paleozoic peraluminous granites and coexisting rocks in Northern Guangdong, SE China 待定
Tooth plates of Ceratodus (Dipnoi, Ceratodontidae) from the Late Jurassic Shaximiao Formation in Guang’an, Sichuan Province, China 待定
Luku alkali syenite in the Hongge ore district, SW China: Geochemistry, Geochronology and Metallogenic significance 待定
Reservoir Characteristics of Saline Lakes Fine-Grained Sedimentary Rocks in Upper Ganchaigou Formation of Cenozoic in Southwestern Qaidam Basin, Nw China 待定
Origin of Shallow Jurassic Heavy Oils in the Northwestern Margin of Junggar Basin, NW China: Constraints from Molecular, Isotopic, and Elemental Geochemistry 待定
Characteristics of Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotopes and Noble Gas Isotopes in Groundwater of Weishan, Wudalianchi, Northeast China 待定