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Volume 90,Issue Z1,2016 Table of Contents

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第七届国际岩墙会议摘要集中国北京2016年8月18日-20日Abstract of the Seventh International Dyke Conference, “Dyke Swarms: Keys to Paleogeographic Reconstruction” August 18-20, 2016
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):0 [Abstract(572)]  [View PDF 75.07 K (1264)]
Dyke Swarms: Keys to Paleogeographic Reconstructions, Preface for IDC7 2016 PENG Peng, Richard ERNST
  1 Regional maps/reviews of dyke swarms and related units
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):0-1 [Abstract(373)]  [View PDF 148.67 K (825)]
Refining the Stratigraphy of the Taghdout Group by Using the U-Pb Geochronology of the Taghdout Sill (Zenaga inlier, Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
  Abdelhak AIT LAHNA, Colombo Celso Gaeta TASSINARI, Nasrrddine YOUBI, Hassan ADMOU, Jo?o MATA, El Hafid BOUOUGRI, Latifa CHAIB, Richard E. ERNST, Ulf S?DERLUND, Moulay Ahmed BOUMEHDI, Mohamed Khalil BENSALAH and El Mostapha AARAB
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):1 [Abstract(382)]  [View PDF 122.33 K (1001)]
Does Geochronology of Few Dykes of a Swarm are True Representative of All Dykes of the Same Magmatic Event?: Constraints from the Geochemistry and Google? Earth Image–ArcGIS? Studies of the Paleoproterozoic Mafic Dyke Swarms of the Eastern Dharwar Craton, Southern India
  Amiya K. Samal and Rajesh K. Srivastava
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):2-3 [Abstract(301)]  [View PDF 121.86 K (765)]
Lateral Magma Flow in Mafic Sill-complexes
  Craig Magee, James D Muirhead, Alex Karvelas, Simon P Holford, Christopher A-L Jackson, Ian D. Bastow, Nick Schofield, Carl TE Stevenson, Charlotte McLean, William McCarthy and Olga Shtukert
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):4-5 [Abstract(362)]  [View PDF 735.84 K (977)]
Proterozoic Dyke Swarms of the Siberian Craton and Their Geodynamic Implications
  Dmitry P. GLADKOCHUB, Tatiana V. DONSKAYA, Richard E. ERNST, Sergei A. PISAREVSKY, Michael T.D. WINGATE and Ulf S?DERLUND
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):6-7 [Abstract(246)]  [View PDF 125.36 K (650)]
Mesoarchean Gridino Mafic Dykes Swarm of the Belomorian Eclogite Province of the Fennoscandian Shield (Russia)
  Dokukina K.A., Mints M.V. and Konilov A.N.
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):8 [Abstract(395)]  [View PDF 115.95 K (691)]
Mafic, Ultramafic and Carbonatitic Dykes in the Southern Siberian Craton with Age of ca 1 Ga: Remnants of a New Large Igneous Province?
  Elena I. DEMONTEROVA, Alexei V. IVANOV and Valentina B. SAVELYEVA
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):9 [Abstract(329)]  [View PDF 121.17 K (743)]
Mafic Dykes in Rauer Islands and Vestfold Hills (East Antartica): A Geochemical and Nd Isotopic Comparison Arguing Against Their Correlation
  Evgenii V. Mikhalsky, Nickolay L. Alexeev, Igor A. Kamenev, Steven D. Boger and Roland Maas
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):10-11 [Abstract(300)]  [View PDF 135.24 K (738)]
Mafic Dyke Swarms: Their Temporality and Bearing on the Secular Evolution of the Earth
  Michael A. HAMILTON
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):12 [Abstract(301)]  [View PDF 115.29 K (753)]
Updated Digital Map of Mafic Dyke Swarms and Large Igneous Provinces in Western Australia
  Michael T.D. WINGATE and David McB. MARTIN
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):13-14 [Abstract(254)]  [View PDF 1.32 M (931)]
Morocco, North Africa: a Dyke Swarm Bonanza
  Nasrrddine YOUBI, Richard E. ERNST, Ulf S?DERLUND, Moulay Ahmed BOUMEHDI, Mohamed Khalil BENSALAH and El Mostafa AARAB
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):15 [Abstract(256)]  [View PDF 122.62 K (735)]
1:2500 000 Map of Precambrian Dyke Swarms and Related Units in North China
  PENG Peng
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):16 [Abstract(326)]  [View PDF 115.91 K (733)]
Neoarchaean-Palaeoproterozoic Mafic Dyke Swarms from the Singhbhum Granite Complex, Singhbhum Craton, Eastern India: Implications for Identification of Large Igneous Provinces and Their Possible Continuation on Other Formerly Adjacent Crustal Blocks
  Rajesh K. Srivastava, Ulf S?derlund, Richard E. Ernst, Sisir K. Mondal and Amiya K. Samal
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):17-18 [Abstract(238)]  [View PDF 130.56 K (1054)]
Dyke Map of Indian Cratons
  Ravi Shankar
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):19 [Abstract(347)]  [View PDF 103.40 K (662)]
Guidelines for Preparing Comprehensive Regional Mafic Dyke Swarm Maps
  Richard E. ERNST and Kenneth L. BUCHAN
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):20-21 [Abstract(256)]  [View PDF 121.67 K (615)]
Map of Mafic Dyke Swarms and Related Units of Russia and Adjacent Regions
  Richard E. ERNST, Kenneth L. BUCHAN and Svetlana BOTSYUN
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):22-23 [Abstract(232)]  [View PDF 144.84 K (604)]
Petroleum Geological Map of Igneous Rocks in the Basins of China and Adjacent Areas
  SHI Yongmin, CHEN Shumin, WANG Lei, SHI Xiang and DU Shuheng
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):24-25 [Abstract(298)]  [View PDF 1.87 M (941)]
Precambrian Dykes in the S?o Francisco Craton Revisited: Geochemical-isotopic Signatures and Tectonic Significance
  Wilson TEIXEIRA, Vicente A. V.. GIRARDI, Maurizio Mazzucchelli, Elson P. OLIVEIRA, Paulo C. CORRêA DA COSTA
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):26-27 [Abstract(229)]  [View PDF 124.46 K (618)]
Mapping the Dyke Swarms of the Eastern Desert, Egypt
  Zakaria Hamimi, Basem Zoheir, Safaa M. Hasan and Richard E. Ernst
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):28 [Abstract(232)]  [View PDF 113.69 K (568)]
2 The role of giant dyke swarms in reconstruction of supercontinents/ paleocontinents: progress, problems and potential
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):28-29 [Abstract(195)]  [View PDF]
Distribution and U-Pb Ages of Newly Recognized Regional-Scale Dyke Swarms of the Leo Man Craton
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):29 [Abstract(232)]  [View PDF 136.11 K (516)]
Geochemistry and Geochronology of Circumferential Dykes of the Franklin LIP: A Rotated Perspective on Plate Reconstruction
  Steven DENYSZYN, Grant COX and Galen HALVERSON
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):30 [Abstract(238)]  [View PDF 145.04 K (688)]
Advancing beyond May 1971: How Do We Deal with the Possibility of Complicated Dyke Geometries, Long-Lived Lips, and Contrasting Basement Geological Provinces?
  David A. D. EVANS
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):31-33 [Abstract(315)]  [View PDF 202.87 K (596)]
Paleomagnetism of Metamorphosed Sudbury Dykes, Canada: Relevance to a Theory of Crustal Shortening across the Grenville Collisional Orogen
  Henry HALLS
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):34 [Abstract(232)]  [View PDF 131.98 K (580)]
Paleomagnetic Evidence for Tectonic Setting of Paleoproterozoic Dyke Swarms in the North China Craton, China
  HUANG Baochun
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):35 [Abstract(278)]  [View PDF 138.50 K (542)]
The Lower Cretaceous Giant Dyke Swarms in the Arctic and Its Significance for linking of Siberia-Iceland Hot-Spot Track
  LIU Zhonglan, LI Jianghai and ZHANG Huatian
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):36 [Abstract(291)]  [View PDF 128.17 K (547)]
Late Paleoproterozoic Paleogeography of Baltica and Laurentia: New Paleomagnetic Data from 1.80–1.75 Ga Mafic Intrusions of Fennoscandia and Sarmatia
  Natalia V. LUBNIN, Sergei A. PISAREVSKY, Svetlana V. BOGDANOVA and Svetoslav J. SOKOLOV
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):37-27 [Abstract(236)]  [View PDF 135.18 K (612)]
ID-TIMS U-Pb Geochronology of the Tayatea Dyke Swarm of Australia: Identifying Tasmania's Nearest Neighbours in the Proterozoic
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):38 [Abstract(260)]  [View PDF 133.68 K (691)]
Tectonic Implications of the Combined Use of Tectonomagmatic Geochemical Discrimination Diagrams and Indicators of Magma Flow Sense in Mafic Dykes
  Elson P. OLIVEIRA and Sanjeet K. VERMA
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):39 [Abstract(218)]  [View PDF 130.76 K (721)]
Paleomagnetic Data and Dyke Swarms Geometries – Important Tools for Precambrian Paleogeographic Reconstructions
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):40 [Abstract(209)]  [View PDF 143.48 K (559)]
Palaeomagnetic and Rockmagnetic Behaviour of Dykes from Hyderabad Granitic Region, Part of Eastern Dharwar Craton, Southern India
  B. Madhusudan RAO, R. SANDHYA, M. R. GOUTHAM and B. V. S. MURTHY
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):41 [Abstract(253)]  [View PDF 124.42 K (737)]
Mesoproterozoic Nuna Supercontinent and the Geomagnetic Field in Light of Recent Paleomagnetic Data from Diabase Dykes of Finland
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):42-43 [Abstract(293)]  [View PDF 149.72 K (638)]
Palaeomagnetic Study on a 1765 Ma Dyke Swarm from Singhbhum Craton: Implications to the Paleogeographic Position of India
  Ravi SHANKAR, Dr. D. Srinivasa SARMA
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):44 [Abstract(262)]  [View PDF 134.47 K (537)]
Tectonic Environments of the Yan-Liao Rift during Earth’s Middle Age (1.7~0.75 Ga): Evidence from Mafic Dyke Swarms in Eastern Hebei, North China
  WANG Chong, PENG Peng, WANG Xinping and YANG Shuyan
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):45-46 [Abstract(221)]  [View PDF 151.85 K (502)]
Age Recalibration of the Xiaofeng Dykes, South China, and Its Implications for True Polar Wander at ~820 Ma
  WANG Tiantian, ZHANG Shihong and Jahandar RAMEZANI
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):47 [Abstract(228)]  [View PDF 144.12 K (743)]
Late Paleoproterozoic-Neoproterozoic Multi-rifting Events Accompanied by Four Stages of Magmatism in the North China Craton and Their Geological Significance
  ZHAI Mingguo, HU Bo, ZHAO Taiping, PENG Peng and MENG Qingren
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):48 [Abstract(261)]  [View PDF 144.49 K (617)]
The Long-Wavelength Mantle Structure, and the supercontinent Evolution since the Paleozoic
  ZHANG Nan, LI Zheng-Xiang and ZHONG Shijie
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):49 [Abstract(236)]  [View PDF 121.58 K (546)]
Assembly, Accretion and Break-up of the Paleo-Mesoproterozoic Columbia (Nuna) Supercontinent: Records in the North China Craton
  ZHAO Guochun
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):50 [Abstract(248)]  [View PDF 123.24 K (485)]
3 Mapping of dykes using remote sensing techniques: such aeromagnetic data, LANDSAT, radar, etc
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):50-51 [Abstract(202)]  [View PDF]
Mapping the Dyke Swarms of the Eglab-Yetti Region, Southwestern Algeria
  Massinissa AMARA, Anissa BENMAMMAR, Sonia OUADAHI, Richard E. ERNST, Abderahmane BENDAOUD, Mark JESSELL, Safouane DJEMA? and Mohamed HAMOUDI
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):51 [Abstract(238)]  [View PDF 135.15 K (571)]
High Spatial Resolution Mapping of Dykes Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Photogrammetry: New Insights On Emplacement Processes
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):52-53 [Abstract(285)]  [View PDF 1.01 M (815)]
An Elevated Perspective: Dyke-Related Fracture Networks Analysed with Uav Photogrammetry
  Gregory DERING, Steven MICKLETHWAITE, Stephen J. BARNES, Marco FIORENTINI, Alexander CRUDEN and Eric TOHVER
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):54-55 [Abstract(232)]  [View PDF 444.22 K (808)]
The Ogaden Dyke Swarm: Red Sea Rifting Continued in the Somalia Plate?
  Daniel MèGE, Peter G. PURCELL, Antoine BéZOS and Fred JOURDAN
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):56-58 [Abstract(230)]  [View PDF 3.77 M (755)]
Extensional Tectonics, Rifting, Formation of Sedimentary Basins, Cretaceous Volcanism, Emplacement of Dyke Swarms and Development of Hydrocarbon Pools: Case Studies from Peninsular India and Indian Ocean Region
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):59-60 [Abstract(224)]  [View PDF 127.79 K (503)]
Emplacement of Dyke Swarms, Cretaceous Volcanism and Development of Petroliferous Basins in and around Peninsular India
  Kiran. S. MISRA and Anshuman MISRA
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):61-62 [Abstract(304)]  [View PDF 148.32 K (532)]
Integrating Landsat 8 and Corona KH-4B Imagery to Semi-Automatically Extract Dyke Geometries in Kuluktag Region, Xinjiang
  NI Nina, CHEN Ninghua and YANG Shufeng
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):63 [Abstract(258)]  [View PDF 137.64 K (551)]
Mapping the Dyke Swarms Emplaced within the Different Archean Cratons of the Indian Shield Using Google? Earth Images and ArcGIS? Techniques
  Rajesh K. SRIVASTAVA, Amiya K. SAMAL and Richard E. ERNST
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):64-65 [Abstract(175)]  [View PDF 135.85 K (493)]
4 Geochronology of dyke swarms
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):65-66 [Abstract(185)]  [View PDF]
Evidence for A Neoarchean LIP Remnant in the Singhbhum Craton, Eastern India: Implications to Vaalbara Supercontinent
  Anil Kumar, Ravi Shankar, V. Parashuramulu, Jean Besse
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):66 [Abstract(219)]  [View PDF 34.35 K (528)]
The Timing of the Palaeoproterozoic Great Oxidation Event using Dykes, Sills and Bolcanics of the Ongeluk Large Igneous Province, Kaapvaal Craton
  Ashley P. GUMSLEY, Kevin R. CHAMBERLAIN, Wouter BLEEKER, Ulf S?DERLUND, Michiel O. DE KOCK, Tobias C. KAMPMANN, Emilie R. LARSSON, Andrey BEKKER
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):67-68 [Abstract(209)]  [View PDF 41.46 K (937)]
Minto Large Igneous Province: A 2.00 Ga Mafic Magmatic Event in the Eastern Superior Craton Based on U-Pb Baddeleyite Geochronology and Paleomagnetism
  Michael A. HAMILTON, Jean GOUTIER, Kenneth L. BUCHAN
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):69-70 [Abstract(240)]  [View PDF 42.09 K (590)]
Geochronological, Geochemical and Paleomagnetic Clues for Existence of a ~2.1Ga Dyke Generation in the Mashishing Area, South Africa
  Hervé Wabo, Georgy Belyanin, Michiel O. de Kock, Fabien Humbert, Ulf S?derlund, Léonie P. Maré, Jan Kramers, and Nicolas J. Beukes
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):71 [Abstract(191)]  [View PDF 36.30 K (528)]
Evidences for Late Paleozoic and Mesozoic Basaltic Magmatism in Southwestern Cameroon and Implications for Correlations between the Gulf of Guinea in Africa and Northeast Brazil
  Jean Pierre Tchouankoue, Armelle Nicole Simeni Wambo, Noel Aime Keutchafo Kouamo, LI Xianhua
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):72 [Abstract(274)]  [View PDF 89.29 K (547)]
Petrology and Geochronology of Monzonite Porphyry Intruding in Xiong’er Volcanic Rocks in Xiaoshan Area, Western Henan Province
  LI Linlin, SHI Yuruo
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):73 [Abstract(231)]  [View PDF 35.67 K (553)]
Accessary Minerals SIMS U-Th-Pb Dating for Kimberlite and Lamproite
  LI Qiuli, LI Xianhua, WU Fuyuan, LIU Yu, TABG Guoqiang
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):74-75 [Abstract(207)]  [View PDF 132.84 K (573)]
Geochronological Framework and Geodynamic Implications of Mafic Dykes in the Liaodong Peninsula, North China Craton
  LI Zhuang, CHEN Bin
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):76-77 [Abstract(249)]  [View PDF 201.34 K (502)]
Constraining the Timing of the Molopo Farms Complex Emplacement and Provenance of Its Country Rock
  Michiel O. de Kock, Livhuwani Ravhura, Clarisa Vorster, Nicolas J. Beukes, and Ashley P. Gumsley
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):78 [Abstract(201)]  [View PDF 36.10 K (411)]
U-Pb SHRIMP-II Baddeleyite and Zircon Dating of the Early Proterozoic Monchegorsk Layered Mafite-Ultramafite Complex (Kola Peninsula): Evidence of Synchronous Magmatism
  Nickolay V. Rodionov, Anton A. Antonov, Boris V. Belyatsky, and Sergey A. Sergeev
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):79-80 [Abstract(243)]  [View PDF 148.75 K (647)]
New U-Pb Ages for Mafic Dykes of SE Greenland
  Mimmi K.M. NILSSON, Michael A. HAMILTON
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):81-82 [Abstract(238)]  [View PDF 40.20 K (635)]
Geochronology of Mafic Intrusions
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):83 [Abstract(171)]  [View PDF 94.98 K (536)]
Key Dolerite Dyke Swarms of Amazonia: U-Pb Constraints on Supercontinent Cycles and Geodynamic Connections with Global LIP Events Through Time
  Wilson TEIXEIRA, Mike A. HAMILTON, Vicente A. V. GIRARDI, Frederico M. FALEIROS
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):84-85 [Abstract(207)]  [View PDF 42.88 K (620)]
Elusive Cenozoic Metamorphism in Mafic Dike Swarms within the Tethyan Himalaya, Southern Tibet
  ZENG Lingsen, WANG Yuhua, GAO Li'E, WANG Yaying
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):86-87 [Abstract(296)]  [View PDF 40.65 K (609)]
Geochronology and Tectonic Implications of Diabase Intruded Into Xiangshan Group in the Southeastern Alxa Block, NW China
  ZHANG Yiping, CHEN Xuanhua, ZHANG Jin
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):88-91 [Abstract(258)]  [View PDF 503.52 K (829)]
5 Petrology, geochemistry and petrogenesis of dykes
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):91-92 [Abstract(186)]  [View PDF]
Mafic dykes swarms from the Chhotanagpur Gneiess Complex, Singhbhum craton, eastern India
  Anup K. Sinha and Rajesh K. Srivastava
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):92 [Abstract(195)]  [View PDF 123.88 K (434)]
Petrography and Tectonic Setting of Dykes in the Granitoid Intrusive, South to East-Qorveh (Kurdistan Province), Iran
  Ashraf Torkian
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):93 [Abstract(216)]  [View PDF 308.03 K (570)]
Dyke Swarms Florianópolis: Petrologic and Structural Aspects Related to Rifting Supercontinent Gondwana and Formation South Atlantic in the Santa Catarina of Island, Brazil
  Edison R. Tomazzoli and Jean de B. Veronez
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):94-96 [Abstract(207)]  [View PDF 3.36 M (797)]
Mineralogical Study of Almandine-Hercynite-Muscovite-Ilmenite Hornblendite Dykes from the Southern Margin of the Gondwana Graben at Richughuta in Palamau District of the Eastern Indian Shield
  N. C. Ghose, P.M. George and S. Pandey
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):97-98 [Abstract(211)]  [View PDF 152.11 K (773)]
Geochemistry and Emplacement of Post-collisional Shoshonitic Dyke Swarms, NW of Iran
  A. Jahangiri, M. Fadaeian, A. Songjian
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):99 [Abstract(200)]  [View PDF 466.29 K (512)]
Mafic Dykes on Bornholm (Denmark) as Indicators of Precambrian to Permian Extensional Events at the SW Margin of the Fennoscandian Shield
  Karsten Obst
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):100 [Abstract(244)]  [View PDF 134.93 K (596)]
Lamprophyres from Southern Karnataka, Dharwar Craton, India: Insight on the Rodinia Break-up and Addition of Juvenile Crust
  Kirtikumar R. Randive
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):101 [Abstract(199)]  [View PDF 151.36 K (485)]
Neoproteroic Magmatism Related to Lithospheric Delamination: Implications from Three Episodes of Mafic Dykes and Associated Granitoids in the Pengguan Complex, Western Sichuan Province, Yangtze Block
  LI Junyong and WANG Xiaolei
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):102-103 [Abstract(243)]  [View PDF 215.62 K (546)]
Geochemistry and Geochronology of the High-Mg Gabbro Dykes from Quanji Massif: Implications for the Amalgamation of Tarim Block in NW China and Assembly of the Rodinia Supercontinent
  LIAO Fanxi, CHEN Nengsong, M. Santosh, SUN Min, WANG Qinyan and XU Yixian
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):104-405 [Abstract(250)]  [View PDF 156.73 K (604)]
A Possible Mechanism to Thin Lithosphere of the North China Craton: Insights from Cretaceous Mafic Dikes in the Jiaodong Pensinsula
  MA Liang, JIANG Shaoyong, Albrecht W. Hofmann and XU Yigang
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):106-108 [Abstract(239)]  [View PDF 147.85 K (857)]
Evidence of An Early Cretaceous Giant Dyke Swarm in Northeast Brazil (South America): A Geodynamic Overview
  Maria Helena B. M. HOLLANDA, Carlos J. ARCHANJO, Paul R. RENNE, Donald E. NGONGE, David L. CASTRO, Diógenes C. OLIVEIRA and Antomat A. MACêDO FILHO
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):109-110 [Abstract(206)]  [View PDF 151.12 K (539)]
The Beni Bousera Peridotite (Rif Belt, Morocco): A Subsolidus Evolution Interpretation
  MOURABIT Zahra, TABIT Abdelhalim, ALGOUTI Ahmed and ALGOUTI Abdellah
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):111 [Abstract(217)]  [View PDF 119.46 K (600)]
Role of Multi-Generation Dyke Emplacements in Moyar-Bhavani Shear Zone, South India
  P. Pratheesh, V. Prasannakumar, K. R. Praveen and C. Vikas
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):112 [Abstract(267)]  [View PDF 193.03 K (631)]
Large-Scale Segregation of Immiscible Liquids in the 1780 Ma Taihang Dykes to Produce the Bimodal Xiong'er Volcanics (North China)
  PENG Peng, WANG Xinping, WANG Chong and LAI Yong
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):113 [Abstract(194)]  [View PDF 131.16 K (618)]
Geochronology, Geochemistry and Tectonic Significance of Dike Swarms in Beishan, Gansu
  QI Qi, WANG Yonghe, FENG Minxuan, YANG Jianguo, YU Jiyuan, WANG Lei and WANG Xiaohong
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):114-115 [Abstract(197)]  [View PDF 201.45 K (468)]
Petrogenesis and Tectonic Significance of An Early Paleoproterozoic High-Mg Boninite-Norite-Diorite Suite of Rocks from the Bastar Craton, Central India
  Rajesh K. Srivastava and Gulab C. Gautam
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):116 [Abstract(218)]  [View PDF 130.79 K (586)]
Environmental Implication of Subaqueous Lava Flows from A Continental Large Igneous Province: Examples from the Moroccan Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP)
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):117 [Abstract(243)]  [View PDF 124.10 K (580)]
Mafic Dyke Records of Paleoproterozoic Mantle Plume Activity in the Karelian Craton: U-Pb Baddeleyite/Zircon Geochronology and Sr-Nd Isotopic Data
  Samsonov A.V., Stepanova A.V., Salnikova E.B., Larionova Yu.O., Egorova S.V., Larionov A.N.
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):118-119 [Abstract(194)]  [View PDF 151.07 K (582)]
Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Palaeomagnetism of Mafic Dykes from Kumaun Lesser Himalaya: Implication on Petrogenesis, Tectonic Setting and Timing of Mafic Magmatism in Northern Part of Indian Lithosphere
  Santosh Kumar, N. Surdas Singh and S. K. Patil
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):120-121 [Abstract(216)]  [View PDF 135.63 K (643)]
Geochemical Characteristics of Proterozoic Mafic Dykes from the Bomdila Group of Rocks, NE Lesser Himalaya, India
  Santosh Kumar, N. Surdas Singh and S. K. Patil
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):122 [Abstract(227)]  [View PDF 125.08 K (539)]
he 2405 Ma and 2310 Ma Mafic Dyke Swarms in the Karelian Craton: Age, Chemical and Sr-Nd Isotope Composition, and Tectonic Setting
  Stepanova A.V., Salnikova E.B., Samsonov A.V., Larionova Yu.O., Egorova S.V., Stepanov V.S.
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):123 [Abstract(255)]  [View PDF 132.53 K (680)]
Geochemistry and Tectonic Settings of Felsic Dykes in the Neoproterozoic Nagar Parkar Igneous Complex, SE Sindh, Pakistan
  Tahseenullah Khan, Mamoru Murata, M. Qasim Jan, Hafiz Ur Rehman, Muhammad Zafar, Hiroaki Ozawa, Anwar Qadir and Saqib Mehmood
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):124 [Abstract(191)]  [View PDF 144.79 K (619)]
Age and Geochemical Characteristics of Major Mafic Dyke Swarms in the Southern Part of the Siberian Craton
  Tatiana V. DONSKAYA, Dmitry P. GLADKOCHUB, Richard E. ERNST, Sergei A. PISAREVSKY, Anatoliy M. MAZUKABZOV, Ulf S?DERLUND, Michael T.D. WINGATE, Michael A. HAMILTON and Elena I. DEMONTEROVA
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):125-126 [Abstract(180)]  [View PDF 190.66 K (638)]
Nature of Three Episodes of Magmatism (2181 Ma, 2115 Ma and 1891 Ma) in the Liaohe Rift of North China: Implications for Tectonic Evolution
  WANG Xinping, PENG Peng, YANG Shuyan, WANG Chong
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):127 [Abstract(267)]  [View PDF 145.65 K (587)]
Petrogenesis of the~2115 Ma Haicheng Mafic Sills in the Eastern North China Craton and Their Implications for An Intra-Continental Rifting
  WANG Xinping, PENG Peng, WANG Chong and YANG Shuyan
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):128 [Abstract(264)]  [View PDF 143.67 K (641)]
Multiple Phases of Mafic Magmatism in Gyangze-Kangma Area: Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of Eastern Tethyan Himalaya
  WANG Yaying, ZENG Lingsen, GAO Li-E, ZHAO Linghao, GAO Jiahao and SHANG Zhen
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):129-130 [Abstract(239)]  [View PDF 148.52 K (499)]
Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Cretaceous Adakitic Dykes from Eastern Cathaysia Block
  YANG Jinbao, ZHAO Zhidan
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):131 [Abstract(269)]  [View PDF 142.63 K (527)]
Genetic Relationship of the 1780-1760 Ma Dykes and the Coeval Volcanics in the Lvliang Area, North China
  YANG Shuyan, PENG Peng, Qin Zhaoyuan, WANG Xinping, WANG Chong
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):133-134 [Abstract(421)]  [View PDF 135.00 K (518)]
Zircon and Apatite U-Pb Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Mafic Dykes in the Shuangxiwu Area, Northwestern Zhejiang Province: Constraints on the Initial Time of Neoproterozoic Rifting in South China
  ZHANG Fengfeng and WANG Xiaolei
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):135 [Abstract(283)]  [View PDF 133.18 K (617)]
The Geochemistry of Late Mesozoic Mafic Dyke Swarms in Fujian Province, Southeast China
  ZHANG Guishan, WEN Hanjie, LONG Jingshan,CHENG Sanyou, LI Yongjun and ZENG Rong
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):136-137 [Abstract(226)]  [View PDF 216.96 K (514)]
Early Permian Qiangtang Mantle Plume, Northern Tibet, China: Evidence from Geochemistry, Geochronology and Geological Responses
  ZHOU Xiaoyao, JIN Xin, ZHANG Yuxiu
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):138-140 [Abstract(270)]  [View PDF 148.86 K (845)]
6 Emplacement mechanism of dykes
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):140-141 [Abstract(203)]  [View PDF]
Swarm Theory, Hydraulic Fracturing, and the Emergence of Natural Spacing within Dyke Swarms
  Andrew P. BUNGER, Thierry MENAND, Alexander CRUDEN, ZHANG Xi and Henry HALLS
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):141-142 [Abstract(203)]  [View PDF 40.89 K (730)]
Pit Chains Belonging to Radiating Graben-Fissure Systems on Venus: Model for Formation during Lateral Dyke Injection
  Calder W. PATTERSON, Richard E ERNST and Claire SAMSON
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):143-144 [Abstract(240)]  [View PDF 103.24 K (734)]
Relationship between the Vitória-Ecoporanga Dyke Swarm and the Vitória Structural High, Brazil
  Camilo I. Ordó?ez ARISTIZáBAL and André Luiz FERRARI
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):145-150 [Abstract(248)]  [View PDF 3.42 M (835)]
Mechanical Modeling of Dike Propagation: Methods, Recent Results and Links to Geophysics
  Eleonora RIVALTA, Benoit TAISNE, Andrew BUNGER, Richard KATZ
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):151 [Abstract(204)]  [View PDF 33.39 K (680)]
The Spatial-Temporal Distribution Patterns of Dyke Swarms in Central Asia and their Tectonic Significance: Case Studies in Eastern Tianshan and Western Junggar.
  FENG Qianwen, LI Jinyi and LIU Jianfeng
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):152-153 [Abstract(219)]  [View PDF 41.75 K (606)]
Mechanical Modeling of Dike Pathways in the Crust: Effect of Layering and Surface Loads
  Francesco MACCAFERRI, Eleonora RIVALTA and Torsten DAHM
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):154 [Abstract(218)]  [View PDF 32.57 K (523)]
Mechanics of Mafic Dyke Swarms and Breakup of Supercontinent
  HOU Guiting
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):155-156 [Abstract(226)]  [View PDF 165.40 K (725)]
Dyke emplacement in the Narmada rift zone and implications for the evolution of Deccan Traps
  JU Wei, HOU Guiting and K.R. HARI
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):157-158 [Abstract(180)]  [View PDF 273.79 K (510)]
Model Forming of Mesoarchean Gridino Mafic Dyke Swarm during Subduction "Mid-Ocean Ridge – Continent"
  Ksenia A. DOKUKINA
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):159 [Abstract(179)]  [View PDF 35.17 K (461)]
Microstructure Analysis of Syntectonic Dykes in NW of Alvand Pluton, Sanandaj Sirjan Zone, Iran
  Leili Izadi KIAN
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):160 [Abstract(200)]  [View PDF 34.06 K (576)]
Noncoaxial Progressive Deformation of Pegmatoied Dykes, Sanandaj Sirjan Zone, Iran
  Leili Izadi KIAN
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):161 [Abstract(238)]  [View PDF 33.82 K (626)]
Cretaceous Stress Fields Evolution and Its Geodynamic Implications in Jiaolai Basin, Northern China
  LI Jie and HOU Guiting
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):162 [Abstract(229)]  [View PDF 88.54 K (515)]
Magnetic Fabrics and Paleomagnetism on Mesozoic Dike Swarms from S?o Sebasti?o and Ubatuba Regions, NE S?o Paulo State SE Brazil.
  Maria I. B. RAPOSO
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):163 [Abstract(203)]  [View PDF 37.40 K (565)]
Mechanism of the Formation of the East African Rift System
  MIN Ge and HOU Guiting
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):164 [Abstract(204)]  [View PDF 32.88 K (611)]
Mechanism of Zhongtiao Aulacogen Related to Breakup of Columbia Supercontinent
  SUN Shuai and HOU Guiting
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):165 [Abstract(217)]  [View PDF 68.61 K (588)]
3-D Seismic Imaging and Morpho-tectonical Interpretation of Saucer-like Dykes of the Tarim Flood Basalt Province, NW China
  TIAN Wei and WANG Lei
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):166 [Abstract(215)]  [View PDF 32.46 K (451)]
Magnetic Fabric Studies of Xiong’er Volcanic Rocks in Southern Margin of the North China Craton and its Implications
  XU Huiru, YANG Zhenyu, PENG Peng, GE Kunpeng and ZHU Rixiang
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):167 [Abstract(202)]  [View PDF 50.76 K (562)]
Dynamic Controls on the Formation of Mantle Plume Beneath the South China Sea Region
  YU Xuan and HOU Guiting
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):168 [Abstract(190)]  [View PDF 90.04 K (580)]
Global Mesozoic and Cenozoic Rift Systems: Constrain on the Tectonic Setting of Mafic Dyke Swarms.
  ZHANG Huatian, LIU Jianghai and LIU Zhonglan
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):169-170 [Abstract(242)]  [View PDF 175.54 K (563)]
Neoproterozoic Magmatism in the northern Margin of the Tarim Craton: Implications for Rodinia Reconstruction
  ZHANG Zhaowei, TANG Qingyan, LI Chusi and WANG Yalei
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):171 [Abstract(206)]  [View PDF 109.00 K (551)]
Evolution of the Nanhua-Sinian Rifts in the Tarim Block
  ZHENG Chunfang, HOU Guiting Hou and GUAN Shuwei
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):172 [Abstract(214)]  [View PDF 139.96 K (609)]
7 Dyke swarms and planetary bodies
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):172-173 [Abstract(182)]  [View PDF]
Cerberus Fossae, Mars: The Case for Dike Intrusion-related Formation and Modification
  Amanda L. NAHM, Matthew W. PENDLETON and Simon A. KATTENHORN
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):173-174 [Abstract(311)]  [View PDF 257.30 K (612)]
Graben on the Lunar Nearside: Do Dikes Lie Beneath?
  Amanda L. NAHM
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):175-176 [Abstract(189)]  [View PDF 670.38 K (672)]
On Mars, Location and Orientation of Dykes Exposed along the Valles Marineris Walls Reveal Expected and Unexpected Stress Fields
  Daniel MèGE and Joanna GURGUREWICZ
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):177-179 [Abstract(264)]  [View PDF 1.15 M (861)]
The Ophir Chasma Dyke Swarm: Description and Implications for the Genesis of the Valles Marineris Northern Troughs
  Daniel MèGE and Joanna GURGUREWICZ
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):180-182 [Abstract(229)]  [View PDF 474.18 K (796)]
Comparison of Venusian Coronae with Giant Circumferential Dyke Swarms on Earth
  Erin M. BETHELL, Richard E. ERNST, Claire SAMSON and Kenneth L. BUCHAN
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):183-184 [Abstract(199)]  [View PDF 156.92 K (606)]
Radiating Dyke Swarms in the BAT Region on Venus: A Study from the Helen Planitia Quadrangle
  Jamie R. GRAFF, Richard E. ERNST and Claire SAMSON
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):185 [Abstract(185)]  [View PDF 118.09 K (536)]
Giant Circumferential Dyke Swarms on Earth: Possible Analogues of Coronae on Venus and Similar Features on Mars
  Kenneth L. BUCHAN and Richard E. ERNST
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):186-187 [Abstract(179)]  [View PDF 219.80 K (467)]
8 Links to mineralization and resources
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):187 [Abstract(158)]  [View PDF]
Origin of the ~1.74 Ga, Anorthosite-hosted Damiao Fe-Ti-P Ore Deposit, North China
  CHEN Terry Wei and ZHAO Taiping
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):188 [Abstract(234)]  [View PDF 39.24 K (553)]
Preliminary Study on the Metallogenic System of Mafic Large Igneous Provinces (Mlips)
  LI Hongliang, LI Guangming, FU Jiangang, DONG Suiliang, QING Chengshi, DAI Zuowen and MIU Huaqing
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):189-190 [Abstract(208)]  [View PDF 40.61 K (563)]
Regolith Geochemical Studies in Kimberlitic Terrain: A Case Study from Lattavaram Kimberlite Cluster, Eastern Dharwar Craton, Southern India
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):191 [Abstract(261)]  [View PDF 34.60 K (628)]
Chemical Characteristics of Cr-spinel of Chromites in Kuda Ophiolite of Western Kunlun and Its Geological Implications
  QIAO Gengbiao, WANG Ping and ZHAO Xiaojian
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):192 [Abstract(179)]  [View PDF 35.57 K (592)]
Large Igneous Provinces, Their Giant Mafic Dyke Swarms, and Links to Metallogeny
  Simon M. JOWITT and Richard E. ERNST
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):193-194 [Abstract(268)]  [View PDF 42.98 K (677)]
Formation of the Giant Bayan Obo Deposit by ca. 1.3 Ga Carbonatitic Magmatism and its Link with Continental Rifting in the Columbia Supercontinent
  ZHANG Shuanhong, ZHAO Yue and LIU Yongsheng
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):195-196 [Abstract(223)]  [View PDF 41.03 K (545)]
9 Miscellaneous: Synplutonic mafic dykes and alkaline dykes, etc.
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):196-197 [Abstract(166)]  [View PDF]
Petrography and Geochemistry of New Finding Alkaline Lamprophyre Dyke in Eastern Margin of the Eastern Dharwar Craton, Near Khammam, Telangana, India
  Debapriya Adhikary, Rajesh Kumar Sahoo and Nirmala Maurya
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):197 [Abstract(205)]  [View PDF 117.24 K (516)]
Genesis and Distribution of Ultra-alkaline Magmatism within the East Antarctic Associated with the Kerguelen Plume Activity
  Nadezhda M. Sushchevskaya, Boris V. Belyatsky and Robert Sh. Krymsky
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):198-199 [Abstract(204)]  [View PDF 127.17 K (603)]
10 Oceanic Dike Complexes: Sea Floor Spreading, Oceanic Plateaus, or Juvenile Arcs?
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):199 [Abstract(155)]  [View PDF]
A Neoarchean Subduction Polarity Reversal Event in the North China Craton: Evidence from 2.5 Ga Mafic Dikes and Coeval Granites
  DENG Hao, WANG Junpeng, Timothy KUSKY, WANG Lu and Ali POLAT
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):200 [Abstract(177)]  [View PDF 150.58 K (612)]
A Sheeted Dike Complex in the Protrozoic Miaowan Ophiolite Complex on the Northern Yangtze Craton: Recording Seafloor Spreading
  DENG Hao, Timothy KUSKY, PENG Songbai, WANG Lu, JIANG Xingfu and WANG Junpeng
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):201 [Abstract(222)]  [View PDF 146.87 K (727)]
Sheeted Dike Complexes in Contemporary Oceanic Crust: Implications for Spreading Processes and the Interpretation of Ophiolites
  Jeffrey A. KARSON
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):202-203 [Abstract(186)]  [View PDF 330.30 K (628)]
The Significance of Sheeted Dike Complexes in Ophiolites
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):204 [Abstract(198)]  [View PDF 130.88 K (615)]
Petrogenesis of Late Mesozoic Calc-Alkaline Lamprophyres from Sulu UHP Terrane, Eastern China: Implications to Paleo-Pacific Plate Subduction and Destruction of the North China Craton
  WANG Zhuocheng, WANG Lu, Timothy KUSKY, DING Yue, WANG Songjie, DENG Hao and FENG Peng
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):205 [Abstract(208)]  [View PDF 752.97 K (567)]
国际地质科学院计划649项目:2016年塞浦路斯Troodos蛇绿岩研讨会摘要集IGCP-649 Workshop II: Probing the Oceanic Mantle: Troodos Ophiolite as a Case Study
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):206 [Abstract(227)]  [View PDF]
The Chromitites Associated with the Pan-African Ophiolites in Egypt
  Mohamed Metwaly ABU ANBAR
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):206-208 [Abstract(193)]  [View PDF 773.11 K (925)]
The Characteristics of Yongzhu–Guomang Lake Ophiolitic Melange in Bangong-Nujiang Suture, Xizang(Tibet),China
  CHEN Songyong, YANG Jingsui ,WU Yong, WU Weiwei and ZHANG Cai
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):209 [Abstract(172)]  [View PDF 98.54 K (424)]
Chemical Variation of Chromian Spinel Compositions in a Serpentinized Peridotites: Implications for Evolution of the Neoproterozoic Ophiolites
  Hamed Gamal EL DIEN, Tomoaki MORISHITA, Mohamed HAMDY, Abdel Salam ABU EL-ELA,Adel HASSAN and Yusuke SODA
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):210 [Abstract(213)]  [View PDF 85.63 K (530)]
Compositions & Melt Evolution of Upper Mantle Peridotites in the Tethyan Ophiolites
  Yildirim DILEK
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):211 [Abstract(198)]  [View PDF 152.52 K (527)]
Oceanic Crustal Rocks in the External Rif (Morocco) with High K-Boninitic Affinities: Subduction Initiation Record for the Ligurian – Maghrebian Ocean Basin?
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):212-214 [Abstract(344)]  [View PDF 11.93 M (1043)]
A Paleoproterozoic (Orosirian) Ophiolitic Mélange, North Yangzte Craton
  HAN Qingsen, PENG Songbai, Ali POLAT and Timothy KUSKY
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):215-216 [Abstract(228)]  [View PDF 140.52 K (783)]
Bohemian Microdiamonds: Diamond-forming Media and Carbon Source
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):217-219 [Abstract(225)]  [View PDF 541.01 K (882)]
The Metamorphic Processes and Its Geological Implications of Gneisses from the Duoba Terrane of Xizang(Tibet) Plateau, China
  LI Peng,ZHANG Cong,HUANG Jie and YANG Jingsui
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):220 [Abstract(190)]  [View PDF 83.22 K (505)]
Tectonic Evolution of the Dongbo Ophiolite in Western Yarlung Zangbo Suture Zone, Xizang(Tibet)
  LIU Fei, YANG Jingsui, Yildirim DILEK, LIAN Dongyang, XU Zhiqin, ZHANG Li, XIE Yanxue, CHEN Songyong and HUANG Jian
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):221 [Abstract(211)]  [View PDF 11.62 M (815)]
Zircon U-Pb Geochronological Constraints on Rapid Exhumation of the Mantle Peridotite of the Xigaze Ophiolite, Southern Xizang(Tibet)
  LIU Tong, WU Fuyuan, ZHANG Liangliang, ZHAI Qingguo, LIU Chuanzhou, JI Wenbin Ji, ZHANG Chang and XUYang
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):222-223 [Abstract(218)]  [View PDF 672.94 K (808)]
He Grenville Orogenesis Recorded by Monazite from the Paragneiss of North Qaidam UHP Metamorphic Belt, Western China
  LIU Xiaoyu, ZHANG Cong, YANG Jingsui and LI Peng
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):224-226 [Abstract(212)]  [View PDF 471.98 K (819)]
The Key Influence of Fluid in the Preserves, Mineral Assemblages, Compositionsand Structures: Study from High-Pressure Eclogite and Its Amphibolization in the Western Dabie Mountains,Central China
  LOU Yuxing, ZHANG Cong, WEI Chunjing and LIU Xiaochun
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):227 [Abstract(205)]  [View PDF 91.49 K (534)]
The Key Influence of Fluid in Metamorphic Rock Preserves, Mineral Assemblages, Compositions and Structures: Study from High-Pressure Eclogite and Its Amphibolization in the Western Dabie Mountains,Central China
  LOU Yuxing, ZHANG Cong, WEI Chunjing, LIU Xiaochun and WANG W-(RZ)
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):228-230 [Abstract(186)]  [View PDF 618.75 K (650)]
Early Paleozoic Mafic-Ultramafic Rocks in the East Kunlun: Trace Subduction of Proto-Tethys
  MENG Fancong, CUI Meihui, REN Yufeng and Paul T. ROBINSON
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):231-233 [Abstract(220)]  [View PDF 435.90 K (876)]
Morpho-structural Features and Structural Classification of Chromite Pods in the Tropoje-Has Ophiolite Massif, Albania
  Ibrahim MILUSHI and Nezir MEKSHIQI
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):234 [Abstract(236)]  [View PDF 97.63 K (642)]
Chromian Spinels in Listwaenite and Related Rocks in the Sartohay Ophiolitic Mélange , Xinjiang, NW China
  QIU Tian and ZHU Yongfeng
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):235 [Abstract(192)]  [View PDF 105.41 K (502)]
Crustal Architecture,Geochemistry and Geochronologyofthe Ophiolitesand Ophiolitic Mélangesin Southeastern Anatolia
  Ender SARIFAKIOGLU,Y?ld?r?m DILEK, Remzi AKSU and Mustafa SEVIN
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):236-237 [Abstract(161)]  [View PDF 206.11 K (591)]
Relic Oceanic Crust at Sub-arc Depth: an Example from UHP Eclogites Enclosed in Serpentinites from the Southwestern Tianshan Mountains, China
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):238 [Abstract(194)]  [View PDF 142.53 K (408)]
The Main Types of the Urals Mafic-Ultramafic Complexes
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):239-240 [Abstract(178)]  [View PDF 107.57 K (774)]
Inclusions in Sartohay Chromitites and Implication
  TIAN Yazhou and CARMA
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):241 [Abstract(192)]  [View PDF 87.08 K (548)]
Structural Relationships along a Neoarchean Arc-Continent Collision Zone, North China Craton
  WANG Junpeng, Timothy KUSKY, WANG Lu, Ali POLAT, DENG Hao, WANG Chen and WANG Songjie
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):242-243 [Abstract(202)]  [View PDF 419.19 K (783)]
Fabrics and Seismic Properties of Ophiolites: Implications for Mantle Flow
  WANG Qin
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):244 [Abstract(202)]  [View PDF 92.87 K (528)]
Multi-stage Process of the Bulqiza Chromitites, Eastern Ophiolitic Belt, Albania
  XIONG Fahui, YANG Jingsui, Paul T. ROBINSON, Yildirim DILEK and Ibrahim MILUSHI
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):245 [Abstract(195)]  [View PDF 116.70 K (545)]
Geological Occurrence of Diamond-bearing Ophiolites
  YANG Jingsui, Paul T. ROBINSON and Yildirim DILEK
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):246 [Abstract(187)]  [View PDF 95.12 K (608)]
The Oldest Paleo-Tethyan Ophiolitic Mélange in the Xizang (Tibetan) Plateau
  ZHAI Qingguo, JAHN Bor-ming, WANG Jun, HU Peiyuan and TANG Yue
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):247 [Abstract(192)]  [View PDF 244.76 K (580)]
Evolution History of Mantle Peridotites in the Xigaze Ophiolite: Constraints from Whole-rock and Mineral Geochemistry
  ZHANG Chang, LIU Chuanzhou, WU Fuyuan and LIU Tong
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):248-249 [Abstract(231)]  [View PDF 308.18 K (671)]
The Garnet Exsolution Texture and Petrological Investigations on a Typical Pelitic Granulite from Eastern Himalaya Syntaxis
  ZHANG Cong, TIAN Zuolin,LIU Xiaoyu, LI Peng and YANG Jingsui
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):250-251 [Abstract(191)]  [View PDF 502.14 K (781)]
Anticlockwise P-T Path and Zircon U-Pb Dating of HP Mafic Granulites in Yushugou Granulite-Peridotite Complex, Southern Tianshan Mountains, China
  ZHANG Lu, ZHANG Lifei, XIA Bin and Lü Zeng
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):252 [Abstract(238)]  [View PDF 103.63 K (563)]
Subduction Initiation for the Formation of High-Cr Chromitites in the Kop Ophiolite, NE Turkey
  ZHANG Pengfei, Ibrahim UYSAL, ZHOU Meifu, SU Benxun and Erdi AVCI
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):253 [Abstract(216)]  [View PDF 93.51 K (749)]
Carbon Isotope Fraction during Subduction Zone Metamorphism
  ZHU Jianjiang and ZHANG Lifei
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):254 [Abstract(238)]  [View PDF 87.62 K (484)]
  Published 7月 15, 2016
  2016,90(Z1):255 [Abstract(162)]  [View PDF 11.68 K (506)]