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Volume 89,Issue Z2,2015 Table of Contents

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IGCP-649 Workshop on: Ophiolites and Related High-Pressuer Rocks in the Qilian Mountains
  2015,89(Z2):0-Ⅰ [Abstract(326)]  [View PDF 186.80 K (433)]
A Review of Cuban Ophiolites: Structure and Tectonic Setting
  Angélica Isabel Llanes-Castro
  2015,89(Z2):1 [Abstract(236)]  [View PDF 118.92 K (456)]
Hydrothermal Precipitation of Chromites
  ARAI Shoji
  2015,89(Z2):2 [Abstract(299)]  [View PDF 123.13 K (539)]
Metamorphic Evolution and Tectonic Implications of Garnet–Bearing Mica Schist in Sumdo High Pressure Belt from Eastern Lhasa Block, Tibet
  CHEN Mei,YANG Jingsui,ZHANG Cong,TIAN Zuolin,HUANG Jie,YU Huanglu and DONG Tianci
  2015,89(Z2):3-4 [Abstract(276)]  [View PDF 136.46 K (610)]
Subduction Initiation and Generation of the Xigaze Ophiolite, Southern Tibet
  DAI Jingen,WANG Chengshan,Zhu Dicheng,POLAT Ali and LI Yalin
  2015,89(Z2):5 [Abstract(369)]  [View PDF 137.69 K (617)]
Forearc Ophiolites: Archives of Subduction Initiation and Melt Evolution in Convergent Margin Settings
  Yildirim DILEK
  2015,89(Z2):6 [Abstract(231)]  [View PDF 154.32 K (487)]
Subduction Initiation Record (SIR) in Suprasubduction Zone Ophiolites
  Yildirim DILEK
  2015,89(Z2):7 [Abstract(228)]  [View PDF 121.92 K (554)]
Metals in Podiform Chromitite of Mantle Section of the Tibetan Ophiolite: What Do We Learn From Them?
  Larissa DOBRZHINETSKAYA,Richard WIRTH,YANG Jingsui and Harry GREEN
  2015,89(Z2):8 [Abstract(243)]  [View PDF 157.91 K (464)]
Neotethyan Evolution of the Ankara Mélange, Turkey: An Intraoceanic Subduction-Accretion System
  Ender Sar?fak?o?lu,Y?ld?r?m Dilek and Mustafa Sevin
  2015,89(Z2):9 [Abstract(251)]  [View PDF 166.68 K (481)]
Petrological, Geochemical and the Origin of the Cuobuzha Peridotite in the Western Yarlung Zangbo Suture Zone
  FENG Guangying,YANG Jingsui,XIONG Fahui,LIU Fei,NIU Xiaolu,LIAN Dongyang,WANG Yunpeng and ZHAO Yijue
  2015,89(Z2):10-11 [Abstract(230)]  [View PDF 175.42 K (589)]
Podiform Chromitites and Mantle Peridotites of the Purang Ophiolite, Western Yarlung-Zangbo Suture Zone, Tibet: Implications for Partial Melting and Melt-Rock Interaction in Oceanic and Subduction-Related Settings
  GAO Jian,YANG Jingsui and XIONG Fahui
  2015,89(Z2):12 [Abstract(232)]  [View PDF 142.79 K (456)]
Caledonides of the North Atlantic Region and Occurrence of Ophiolites
  David G. GEE
  2015,89(Z2):13-14 [Abstract(237)]  [View PDF 145.46 K (503)]
Extreme Dynamic Metamorphism and Earthquakes
  Harry GREEN
  2015,89(Z2):15 [Abstract(234)]  [View PDF 131.55 K (476)]
Composition and Textual Characterization of Platinum-group Mineral (PGM) in Chromites from Zedang Ophiolite in Tibet, China
  GUO Guolin,YANG Jingsui,PAUL T. Robinson,XIONG Fahui,XU Xiangzhen,LIU Xiaodong,LI Jinyang and LIU Zhao
  2015,89(Z2):16-17 [Abstract(237)]  [View PDF 356.86 K (565)]
Petrogenesis Significance of Chromian Spinels from Northeastern Jiangxi Province Ophiolite (NEJXO), China: Paleogeodynamic Implications
  GUO Guolin,FAN Xiujun,YANG Jingsui,LIU Xiaodong,ZHANG Yong and ZHOU Wenting
  2015,89(Z2):18-19 [Abstract(284)]  [View PDF 285.44 K (748)]
Petrogenic Indicator of Zedang Mantle Peridotite, Tibet: Insights from the Unusual Minerals
  GUO Guolin,YANG Jingsui,LIU Xiaodong,XU Xiangzhen,ZHANG Zhongming,TIAN Yazhou,XIONG Fahui and WU Yong
  2015,89(Z2):20-21 [Abstract(259)]  [View PDF 134.55 K (534)]
Purang Ultramafic Complex and Their Geological Origin, Southwest Tibet
  Hamed Gamal El Dien,Mohamed Hamdy,Abdel Salam Abu El-Ela,Adel Hassan and Youngwoo Kil
  2015,89(Z2):22-24 [Abstract(259)]  [View PDF 348.75 K (556)]
Discovery and Tectonic Significance of Paleoproterozoic Ophiolite from North Huangling Dome, Yangtze Craton
  HAN Qingsen,PENG Songbai,CEN Yang and JIANG Xingfu
  2015,89(Z2):25 [Abstract(237)]  [View PDF 146.36 K (540)]
Thin Crust Over the Marion Rise - Remelting the Ancient Gondwana Mantle
  Réjean HEBERT and Carl GUILMETTE
  2015,89(Z2):26 [Abstract(293)]  [View PDF 136.92 K (463)]
The Southwest Indian Ridge: Remelting the Gondwanan Mantle
  JB Dick HENRY and Hole WOODS
  2015,89(Z2):27 [Abstract(255)]  [View PDF 117.81 K (440)]
Petrological and Metamorphic Evolution Study of the Staurolite-bearing Garnet Amphibolite in the Nyingchi Complex of the Lhasa Block
  HUANG Jie,ZHANG Cong,YANG Jingsui,CHEN Mei and SHENG Tingting
  2015,89(Z2):28-29 [Abstract(221)]  [View PDF 454.37 K (587)]
The Study of Deep Mineral Association in Chromitites of the Hegenshan Ophiolite, Inner Mongolia, China
  HUANG Zhu,YANG Jingsui,ZHU Yongwang,XIONG Fahui,LIU Zhao,ZHANG Zhongming and XU Wei
  2015,89(Z2):30-31 [Abstract(250)]  [View PDF 1.03 M (499)]
The Discovery of Diamonds in Chromitite of the Hegenshan Ophiolite, Inner
  HUANG Zhu,YANG Jingsui,ZHU Yongwang,XIONG Fahui,LIU Zhao,ZHANG Zhongming and XU Wei
  2015,89(Z2):32 [Abstract(232)]  [View PDF 142.77 K (411)]
Plume-type Ophiolites, Large Igneous Provinces and Geology of the Earth-like Planets
  2015,89(Z2):33-34 [Abstract(197)]  [View PDF 335.13 K (515)]
How Depth is the Tibetan Chromite: Experimental Study
  JIN Zhenmin,WU Yao,XU Mengjing,FEI Yingwei and Paul T. ROBINSON
  2015,89(Z2):35 [Abstract(214)]  [View PDF 142.12 K (563)]
Early Palaeozoic Deep Subduction of Continental Crust in the Kyrgyz North Tianshan: Evidence from Field Relationships and Geochronology
  2015,89(Z2):36 [Abstract(221)]  [View PDF 129.21 K (486)]
The Zunhua-Zanhuang Ophiolitic Mélange: Traces of an Archean Suture in the North China Craton
  2015,89(Z2):37-38 [Abstract(246)]  [View PDF 131.36 K (594)]
The Origins of Zedang Peridotite in Eastern Yarlung-Zangbo Suture in Tibet
  LAI Shengmin,YANG Jingsui,XIONG Fahui,LIU Zhao,TIAN Yazhou,Xu Xiangzhen,ZHANG Lan,CHEN Yanhong and GAO Jian
  2015,89(Z2):39 [Abstract(215)]  [View PDF 122.77 K (507)]
Purang Utramafic Complex and Their Geological Origin, Southwest Tibet
  LI Xuping,KONG Fanmei and CHEN Hongkai
  2015,89(Z2):40 [Abstract(235)]  [View PDF 122.23 K (481)]
Rodingite in the Purang Ophiolite and Its Geological Implication, Southwest Tibet
  LI Xuping,KONG Fanmei,CHEN Hongkai and ZHANG Xin
  2015,89(Z2):41-42 [Abstract(212)]  [View PDF 145.76 K (587)]
Early Stages Arc Volcanism in the Eastern Himalayan Synstaxis, Yarlung Zongbo Suture Zone, Tibet, China: New Zircon Age, Hf Isotopic, Geochemical Constrains and Implication for the Tectonic Evolution History of Neo-Tethys
  LI Yuan,YANG Jingsui,XU Zhiqin,DONG Hanwen,LIU Zhao and ZHANG Jian
  2015,89(Z2):43 [Abstract(231)]  [View PDF 132.93 K (508)]
Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry of Peridotites from the Northern Ophiolititc Sub-belt, Western Yarlung Zangbo Suture Zone, Tibet
  LIAN Dongyang,YANG Jingsui,LIU Fei,DING Yi,WU Weiwei,ZHAO Hui,ZHANG Li and HUANG Jian
  2015,89(Z2):44-46 [Abstract(242)]  [View PDF 176.96 K (532)]
In-situ Moissanite in Dunite of the Luobusa Ophiolite, Tibet: Implications for Deep Mantle Origin
  LIANG Fenghua,XU Zhiqin and ZHAO Jianan
  2015,89(Z2):47-49 [Abstract(224)]  [View PDF 387.79 K (994)]
Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Triassic Mafic Complexes from the Western Garzê-Litang Ophiolitic Mélange and Implications for the Melt Evolution of a Continental Margin
  LIU Bin,MA Changqian,ZHANG Xin,GUO Pan,ZHANG Hang and XIONG Fuhao
  2015,89(Z2):50-51 [Abstract(234)]  [View PDF 148.66 K (597)]
Geogenesis and Characteristics of the Western Part of the Yarlung Zangbo Ophiolites, Tibet
  LIU Fei,YANG Jingsui,LIAN Dongyang,ZHAO Hui,ZHANG Lan,NIU Xiaolu,FENG Guangying,ZHANG Li and HUANG Jian
  2015,89(Z2):52-55 [Abstract(211)]  [View PDF 785.56 K (790)]
Using Multiphase Solid Inclusions to Constrain the Origin of the Baima Fe-Ti-(V) Oxide Deposit, SW China
  LIU Pingping,ZHOU Meifu,CHEN Weiterry,BOONE Marijn and CNUDDE Veerle
  2015,89(Z2):56 [Abstract(219)]  [View PDF 142.86 K (580)]
Tectonics and Geochronology of the Northern Margin of the Zhongba Terrane, Southern Tibet: Implications for the Closure of the Western Yarlung Zangbo Suture Zone
  LIU Qiang,ZHOU Feng and XIANG Shuyuan
  2015,89(Z2):57 [Abstract(200)]  [View PDF 124.34 K (477)]
Discovery and Tectonic Significance of the Early Paleozoic Nuodong Ophiolite in the North-western Yunkai Massif, South China
  LIU Songfeng,PENG Songbai,WU Changfeng and LIN Musen
  2015,89(Z2):58-59 [Abstract(313)]  [View PDF 527.95 K (533)]
Compositional Variation and Mineral Chemistry of Jinshajiang and Lancangjiang Serpentinites, Yunnan Province, SW China
  MASOUD Ahmed Elsaid,YANG Jingsui and LIU Fei
  2015,89(Z2):60 [Abstract(198)]  [View PDF 126.24 K (483)]
An Overview of the Albanian Ophiolite and Related Ore Minerals
  MILUSHI Ibrahim
  2015,89(Z2):61-64 [Abstract(214)]  [View PDF 309.91 K (620)]
The Pan-African Ophiolites and Related Mineralization in Egypt
  2015,89(Z2):65-68 [Abstract(225)]  [View PDF 1.71 M (854)]
Iranshahr Blueschists as Results of Subduction of the Neotethys Inner Makran Oceanic Crust, SE Iran
  Mohssen Moazzen and Hadi Omrani
  2015,89(Z2):69 [Abstract(226)]  [View PDF 130.80 K (553)]
Mineralogical and Geochemical Constraints on the Origin of the Ultramafic Rocks from Wuwamen Ophiolite at the Southern Margin of Middle Tianshan, Xinjiang
  NIU Xiaolu,YANG Jingsui,LIU Fei,FENG Guangying,TIAN Yazhou,ZHANG Lan,GAO Jian and ZHAO Yijue
  2015,89(Z2):70-71 [Abstract(212)]  [View PDF 156.39 K (496)]
Ophiolites in Mongolia: Overview
  Ochir Gerel and Baatar Munkhtsengel
  2015,89(Z2):72 [Abstract(226)]  [View PDF 129.09 K (506)]
Chromite in the Mantle Section of the Oman Ophiolite: Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of the Oman Ophiolite
  2015,89(Z2):73-76 [Abstract(215)]  [View PDF 257.51 K (719)]
Chromite in the Mantle Section of the Oman Ophiolite: Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of the Oman Ophiolite
  2015,89(Z2):77-78 [Abstract(247)]  [View PDF 245.87 K (477)]
Jade in the Serpentinite Mélanges of the Rio San Juan Complex from the Dominican Republic
  SCHERTL Hans-Peter,MARESCH Walter V. and HERTWIG Andreas
  2015,89(Z2):79-80 [Abstract(228)]  [View PDF 173.55 K (498)]
Diamonds and the Kokchetav Massif
  Schertl Hans-Peter
  2015,89(Z2):81-83 [Abstract(191)]  [View PDF 157.26 K (658)]
Ophiolitic Chromitites Originated from Ancient SCLM
  2015,89(Z2):84 [Abstract(245)]  [View PDF 134.92 K (505)]
The Polar Urals Ophiolites
  Shmelev V.R.
  2015,89(Z2):85-86 [Abstract(211)]  [View PDF 732.29 K (541)]
Generation of Permian Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposits in the East Tianshan (NW China) by Syn-collisional Mantle Derived Magmatism
  SONG Xieyan,CHEN Liemeng,DENG Yufeng and XIE Wei
  2015,89(Z2):87-88 [Abstract(246)]  [View PDF 183.68 K (558)]
Constraints of Fe Isotopic Compositions on the Origin of the Luobusa Podiform Chromite Deposit, Tibet
  SU Benxun,ZHOU Meifu,XIAO Yan,ZHU Bin,SHI Rendeng and HE Yongsheng
  2015,89(Z2):89 [Abstract(197)]  [View PDF 145.12 K (821)]
Transition-Zone Mineral Assemblages in Peridotite Massifs, Tibet: Implications for Collision-zone Dynamics and Orogenic Peridotites
  2015,89(Z2):90-91 [Abstract(266)]  [View PDF 164.42 K (496)]
Felsic Magmatic Evolution and the Role of Post-Collisional Process in Continental Crustal Growth at Convergent Margins: Insights from the Western Part of the Central Qilian Belt, Northwestern China
  WANG Chao,LI Rong-She,SMITHIES R. Hugh,LI Meng and PENG Yan
  2015,89(Z2):92-93 [Abstract(201)]  [View PDF 966.12 K (603)]
Geochemical Characteristics of the Raohe Ophiolite, Heilongjiang Province, Northeast China
  WANG Yang and CHENG Suhua
  2015,89(Z2):94-95 [Abstract(218)]  [View PDF 567.47 K (507)]
Current Capabilities of Microanalytical Technology as Applied to Geomaterials
  2015,89(Z2):96 [Abstract(184)]  [View PDF 120.41 K (396)]
Focused Ion Beam (FIB) – TEM: Exploring Earth Materials with Ions and Electrons
  Richard WIRTH
  2015,89(Z2):97 [Abstract(186)]  [View PDF 174.94 K (324)]
Petrology of Cr-rich Podiform Chromitites of Bulqiza, Eastern Ophiolitic Belt, Albania
  XIONG Fahui,YANG Jingsui,ROBINSON Paul T.,DILEK Yildirim,MILUSHI Ibrahim,XU Xiangzhen,ZHANG Zhongming,ZHOU Wenda,CHEN Yanhong,HUANG Zhu,LAI Shengming and ZHANG Lan
  2015,89(Z2):98 [Abstract(219)]  [View PDF 143.24 K (514)]
Diamond Discovered in Dangqiong Ophiolite, Western Yarlung-Zangbu Suture Zone, Tibet
  XIONG Fahui,YANG Jingsui,Robinson T.PAUL,XU Xiangzhen,BA Dengzhu,LI Yuan,LI Jinyang,ZHANG Zhongming and RONG He
  2015,89(Z2):99-100 [Abstract(200)]  [View PDF 152.26 K (621)]
Diopside and Magnetite Exsolutions in Olivine from Lower Cr# Dunite in the Dongbo Ophiolite, Southern Tibet
  XIONG Fahui,YANG Jingsui,Robinson T PAUL,Dilek YILDIRIM,CHEN Yanhong,XU Xiangzhen,LIU Zhao,TIAN Yazhou,ZHOU Wenda,LAI Shengming and ZHANG Lan
  2015,89(Z2):101 [Abstract(221)]  [View PDF 181.25 K (503)]
Petrology of Cr-rich Ophiolitic Chromitites of Bulqiza, Eastern Ophiolitic Belt, Albania
  XIONG Fahui,YANG Jingsui,Paul T. ROBINSON,Yildirim DILEK,MILUSHI Ibrahim,XU Xiangzhen,ZHANG Zhongming,ZHOU Wenda,CHEN Yanhong,HUANG Zhu,LAI Shengming and ZHANG Lan
  2015,89(Z2):102 [Abstract(174)]  [View PDF 146.73 K (558)]
Crustal Structure of the Indus-Tsangpo Suture Zone and its Ophiolites, Southern Tibet
  XU Zhiqin,DILEK Yildrim,YANG Jingsui,LIANG Fenghua,LIU Fei,BA Dengzhu,CAI Zhihui,LI Guangwei and DONG Hanwen
  2015,89(Z2):103 [Abstract(186)]  [View PDF 135.49 K (462)]
Modification of the High-Pressure-Type Chromites into the Low- Pressure-Type: Petrological Investigation of the Podiform Chromitites in the Luobusa Ophiolite, Tibet
  YAMAMOTO Shinji,KOMIYA Tsuyoshi and MARUYAMA Shigenori
  2015,89(Z2):104 [Abstract(221)]  [View PDF 128.07 K (508)]
Oceanic Island Basalts from the Darbut and Karamay Ophiolitic Mélange in West Junggar (NW China): Product of a Middle Devonian Mantle Plume?
  YANG Gaoxue,LI Yongjun,TONG Lili and YANG Baokai
  2015,89(Z2):105-106 [Abstract(225)]  [View PDF 493.26 K (555)]
Diamonds and Highly Reduced Minerals from Chromitite of the Ray-Iz Ophiolite of the Polar Urals: Deep Origin of Podiform Chromitites and Ophiolitic Diamonds
  2015,89(Z2):107 [Abstract(248)]  [View PDF 162.12 K (560)]
The Lower Mantle Minerals in Ophiolite-hosted Diamond
  YANG Jingsui,WIRTH Richard,XIONG Fahui,TIAN Yazhou,HUANG Zhu,ROBINSON Paul T. and DILEK Yildirim
  2015,89(Z2):108-109 [Abstract(195)]  [View PDF 169.51 K (532)]
Orogenic Garnet Peridotite - Tools to Reconstruct Paleo-geodynamic Settings of Continental Collision Zones
  ZHANG Cong and Van ROERMUND Herman
  2015,89(Z2):110 [Abstract(186)]  [View PDF 127.57 K (465)]
Two Contrasting Ophiolites in One Suture Zone: a Case Study from East Kunlun Orogenic Belt, North Tibetan Plateau
  ZHANG Hang,MA Changqian,XIONG Fuhao,JIANG Hongan,LIU Bin and GUO Pan
  2015,89(Z2):111-112 [Abstract(191)]  [View PDF 152.83 K (520)]
Geochronology and Geochemistry of Zengga Mesozoic Grantoids from East Gangdese Batholith, Implications for the Remelting Mechanism of Granite Formation
  ZHANG Lan,YANG Jingsui and ZHANG Jian
  2015,89(Z2):113-114 [Abstract(210)]  [View PDF 405.23 K (510)]
Zircon LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Dating of Listwanite from Baer Ophiolite, Yarlung- Zangbo Suture Zone, Implications for the Indus-Eurasia Collision
  ZHANG Lan,YANG Jingsui and ZHANG Jian
  2015,89(Z2):115-116 [Abstract(175)]  [View PDF 1.20 M (685)]
Gongzhucuo Massif: An Ever Slightly Depleted Peridotite in the Western Yarlung Zangbo Ophiolitic Belt of Southern Tibet
  ZHANG Li,YANG Jingsui,LIAN Dongyang,LIU Fei,ZHAO Hui,HUANG Jian and YANG Yan
  2015,89(Z2):117-119 [Abstract(198)]  [View PDF 704.53 K (563)]
Geochemistry and Geochronology of Saga Alkaline Basalt in Southern Tibet
  ZHAO Hui,YANG JingSui,LIU Fei,XIONG Fahui,ZHANG Lan and LIAN Dongyang
  2015,89(Z2):120 [Abstract(200)]  [View PDF 155.31 K (454)]
The Slab-Mantle Interaction in Continental Subduction Channels
  ZHENG Yongfei
  2015,89(Z2):121 [Abstract(247)]  [View PDF 132.69 K (513)]
“Subduction Initiation” for the Genesis of Podiform Chromite Deposits
  ZHOU Meifu,ROBINSON Paul T,SU Benxun,GAO Jianfeng,LI Jianwei,YANG Jingsui and MALPAS John
  2015,89(Z2):122-123 [Abstract(221)]  [View PDF 243.68 K (484)]
Mineralogy of Purang Ophiolite Peridotites, Western Part of Yarlung-Zangbo Suture Zone (YZSZ), Southern Tibet
  ZHOU Wenda,YANG Jingsui,ZHAO Junhong,XIONG Fahui,LIANG Fenghua and LIU Fei
  2015,89(Z2):124 [Abstract(187)]  [View PDF 127.15 K (442)]
Petrogenesis of Peridotites from the Purang Ophiolite in Western Part of Yarlung-Zangbo Suture Zone, Southern Tibet
  ZHOU Wenda,YANG Jingsui,ZHAO Junhong,MA Changqian,XIONG Fahui,XU Xiangzhen,CHEN Yanhong and TIAN Yazhou
  2015,89(Z2):125-126 [Abstract(231)]  [View PDF 426.72 K (478)]
Tectonic Units Division of Crystalline Basement in the Tarim Basin, NW China
  ZHOU Xiaobei,LI Jianghai,LI Wenshan,CHENG Yalin and WANG Honghao
  2015,89(Z2):127 [Abstract(206)]  [View PDF 131.05 K (586)]