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Welcome to the remote manuscript review system of ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA. Please review the manuscripts online according to the following operations.

1. Confirmation. In order to facilitate your login, we have made a simple registration for you and sent your login address, username and password to your e-mail. Please click on the first link to enter the review receipt page. If you want to review the manuscript, choose to do so, and click on the response. If you do not want to, please give us a brief explanation and hope to recommend other reviewers to us. We hope to receive your confirmation letter within ten days.

2. Login. Please enter the home page, click "Review Login", enter the "User Name" and "Password" we provide for you, and enter the review system. Please click on "Modify Password" to modify the password, and improve personal information such as affliction, address, postcode, education, title, specialty, research direction, manuscript review field, office telephone, ID card number, email and simple personal introduction. If you encounter any problems in the process of using this system, or have any comments and suggestions on the work of the editorial board, you can inform us by sending a message, or you can leave a message directly in the message board on the right side of the home page.

3. Online manuscript review. You can download the manuscript by clicking on the manuscript to be reviewed. At the same time, you can inquire related literatures online (journal search at www.alljournals.cn). After the review, you can fill in the comments online and upload the "annotated manuscript" and related annexes. The reviewed manuscripts are viewed in the list of Reviewed Manuscripts. You can modify your personal information online at any time, so that we can send the reviewing fee.


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