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1. How can I modify the author's information after submission?

Author Login SystemManuscript QueryAuthor Information Modification.

2. How can the manuscript be revised after submission?

Before manuscript review by the editorial board, the author can modify the manuscript at the [Manuscript Inquiry]. After the manuscript is in review, the author cannot modify it at any time. Only when the editorial board returns the manuscript to the author, the author can modify it at the [Upload/Download the Revised Manuscript].

3. What if the author fails to receive activation letter?

It may be that there is a mistake of the mailbox, or that there is a problem in sending mail between the author's mailbox and the editorial board's mailbox. You can contact the staff of the editorial board, and the editor can activate the author's mailbox and change the author's mailbox to a common one, such as the Netease mailbox. However, the author himself cannot modify the mailbox in this condition, because the mailbox is a login account which cannot be modified.

4. What is the role of activation during author registration? How to activate?

After the author registers, the author will receive activation letter which includes activation addresses and activation codes. The use of the address and activation codes can allow the author to become a user of the system. The function of activation is to check whether the author's mailbox is correct, because he will be given some notice in the future. If the author's mailbox is incorrect or cannot receive system mail, the communication will be affected.

5. What is the function of Uploading and Downloading Revised Manuscripts?

Here the author can check the revised manuscript. If the editorial board returns the manuscript to the author, the author can download the to-be-revised manuscript here and upload the revised manuscript to the system. After the author has finished the operation, the editor can see the manuscript in the [Revised Manuscript].

6. How do reviewers get accounts?

There are two ways for reviewers to get accounts and become systematic reviewers.

(1) To register on the website. After registration, the editor sees the registration information and adds to the reviewer database, he will formally become a reviewer. Before joining, he cannot review manuscripts.

(2) The editor establishes an account for the expert and informs the reviewer through email of the website, user name and password to log in. The reviewer can modify the password and improve personal information after login.

7. Is it okay to send review opinions to the editorial board by email instead of sending them in the system?

It is suggested to use the system as far as possible. If you cannot enter the system for special reasons, you can send an email of reviewing opinions to the editorial board. The editorial board can input opinions to the system for you.


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