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Received:April 20, 2010  Revised:June 15, 2010  点此下载全文
Cite This Paper:WANG Denghong,CHEN Zhenhui,CHEN Yuchuan,TANG Juxing,LI Jiankang,YING Lijuan,WANG Chenghui,LIU Shanbao,LI Lixing,QIN Yan,LI Huanqin,QU Wenjun,WANG Yanbin,CHEN Wen,ZHANG Yan.2010.New Data of the Rock Forming and Ore-Forming Chronology for China's Important Mineral Resources Areas[J].Acta Geologica Sinica,84(7):1030-1040
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Author NameAffiliation
WANG Denghong 1) Key Laboratory of Metallogeny and Mineral Resource Assessment, Institute of Mineral Resources, Beijing,1000372) China University of Geosciences,Beijing,100083
3) Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
, Beijing, 100037
4) Graduate Department
,CAGS, Beijing, 100037
5) Yichang Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources
, Yichang, Hubei, 443005
6) National Center of Rock and Mineral Analysis
, CAGS, Beijing, 100037
7) Institute of Geology
, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences CAGS, Beijing, 100037 
CHEN Zhenhui  
CHEN Yuchuan  
TANG Juxing  
LI Jiankang  
YING Lijuan  
WANG Chenghui  
LIU Shanbao  
LI Lixing  
QIN Yan  
LI Huanqin  
QU Wenjun  
WANG Yanbin  
CHEN Wen  
基金项目:注:本文由中国地质大调查“我国重要矿产和区域成矿规律研究”项目(编号 1212010633903)、深部探测技术于实验专项的"南岭成矿带地壳岩浆系统结构探测实验"课题(SinoProbe 03 01),"南岭于都 赣县矿集区立体探测技术与深部成矿预测示范"课题(SinoProbe 03 03),全国危机矿山接替资源找矿项目的"桂东 粤西地区铅锌金等矿床成矿规律总结研究" (编号 20089946),"赣南地区钨矿床成矿规律总结及高温热液成矿机制研究"(编号20089947)项目等共同资助的成果。
中文摘要:本文报道了2005年6月至2009年7月间,主要由全国重要矿产和区域成矿规律研究项目组负责完成的145处矿产地同位素年代学测试数据400个。这批数据3/4以上尚未公开发表,在此集中发表,以便于大家使用。这批数据主要是采用目前最新的锆石U Pb、辉钼矿Re Os、云母Ar Ar等方法测定的,所选择的矿产地一部分是新发现的重要矿床(如安徽东源大型钨矿),一部分是无可靠年龄数据的老矿床(如贵州紫木凼大型金矿),还有一部分是对成矿时代存在长期争议的(如云南麻栗坡钨矿),所获得的结果对于典型矿床成因和区域成矿规律的研究提供了新依据,如西藏谢通门雄村铜金矿一批变化于177Ma与170Ma之间成岩、成矿年龄数据的获得,打破了以往冈底斯铜金矿主要形成于新生代的传统认识,对于揭示冈底斯成矿带成矿演化历史和指导找矿意义重大。
中文关键词:成岩成矿  U Pb法  Re Os法  Ar Ar法  年代学  新数据  成矿规律
New Data of the Rock Forming and Ore-Forming Chronology for China's Important Mineral Resources Areas
Abstract:This paper reports some new data of isotopic chronological study on rock forming and ore forming, obtained by the research group of “National Program of important mineral resources and regional metallogeny”, during the period from June, 2005 to July, 2009. All of the 400 dating results represent 145 mines or some newly discovered ore deposits, about 3/4 of which have not been published. This data were measured by newly and commonly used methods such as Zircon SHRIMP U Pb, Re Os and Ar Ar dating methods. The deposits dated in this paper were selected widely from recently discovered deposits (such as the Dongyuan large scale W Mo deposit discovered in 2008 in Anhui Province) and those deposits mined or have been prospected but without acceptable ore forming ages (such as the Zimudang large scale Au deposit in Guizhou Province) or those have been argued for a long time (such as the Malipo large scale W Sn deposit in Yunnan Province). All of the data contribute a lot to the study of typical deposits, regional metallogeny, tectonic evolution, mineral resource assessment and exploration. For example, the ages between 177Ma and 170Ma from the Xiongcun superlarge scale Cu Au deposit in Xietongmen, Xizang, suggest that not only the Cenozoic but also the Mesozoic ore forming epochs are very important for the Gangdise metallogenic belt.
keywords:Rock forming age  ore forming age  Zircon SHRIMP U Pb method  Re Os method  Ar Ar method  chronology  new data  metallogeny
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