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Received:January 14, 2010  Revised:April 12, 2010  点此下载全文
Cite This Paper:DONG Shuwen,LI Tingdong,GAO Rui,Lǖ Qingtian,WU Zhenhan,CHEN Xuanhua,ZHOU Qi,LIU Gang,LIU Zhiqiang,MEI Lin.2010.International Progress in Probing the Earth's Lithosphere and Deep Interior: A Review[J].Acta Geologica Sinica,84(6):743-770
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Author NameAffiliation
DONG Shuwen Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS), Beijing, 100037
LI Tingdong Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS), Beijing, 100037
GAO Rui Institute of Geology, CAGS, Beijing, 100037
Lǖ Qingtian Institute of Mineral Resources, CAGS, Beijing, 100037 
WU Zhenhan Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS), Beijing, 100037
CHEN Xuanhua Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS), Beijing, 100037
ZHOU Qi Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS), Beijing, 100037
LIU Gang Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS), Beijing, 100037
LIU Zhiqiang Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS), Beijing, 100037
MEI Lin Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences (CAGS), Beijing, 100037
中文摘要:探测人类居住的地球内部的结构和组成是地质学家和地球物理学家共同的奋斗目标。本文介绍了上世纪70年代以来世界主要国家的国际地球探测计划的主要内容,包括美国大陆反射地震探测计划(COCORP)、地球透镜计划(EarthScope),欧洲地球探测计划(EUROPROBE)、德国大陆反射地震计划(DEKORP)、英国反射地震计划(BIRPS)、意大利地壳探测计划(CROP)、瑞士地壳探测计划(NRP20),俄罗斯深部探测计划,加拿大岩石圈探测计划(LITHOPROBE),澳大利亚四维地球动力学计划(AGCRC)、澳大利亚玻璃地球计划(Glass Earth)和澳大利亚地球探测计划(AuScope),简要概括了国际地球探测计划的成果,回顾了我国地球深部探测的历史与工作基础,简要论述了我国开展地壳探测计划的必要性,并介绍了近期启动的国家科学专项“深部探测技术与实验研究”的目标与“两网、两区、四带、多点”的工作部署,展望了我国地球深部探测发展的未来。
中文关键词:地球深部探测  国际深部探测计划  中国深部探测专项  综述
International Progress in Probing the Earth's Lithosphere and Deep Interior: A Review
Abstract:To explore the interior structure and composition of the Earth, the habitat of our humankind, constitutes the ambition and pursuit of geologists and geophysicists for long. This article presents the research outlines and some results of major international deep probe programs worldwide since the 1970s, including the Consortium for Continental Reflection Profiling (COCORP) and EarthScope (USA), EUROPROBE (Europe), DEKORP (Germany), the British Institutions Reflection Profiling Syndicate (BIRPS), CROP (Italy), NRP20 (Switzerland), LITHOPROBE (Canada), AGCRC, Glass-Earth and AuScope (Australia), and so on. Based on the briefly retrospection of the historic deep exploration in China, the recently launched National Scientific Program of China titled as "Deep Exploration Technology and Experimentation" (ab. as SinoProbe) is introduced briefly, including its objectives and work plan of standard magnetotellurics observational and geochemical grid networks, integrated deep exploration experiments in North and South China regions, four corridor geophysical and geochemical explorations, and multiple integrated exploration sites. It is prospected that the deep exploration into the deep interior beneath the Chinese continent has its bright future.
keywords:deep and lithosphere probe  international program  SinoProbe
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