Geological time of marine source rocks in the Woruoshan Mountain and its adjacent areas, northern Qiangtang depression
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WU Zhenhan 1) Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Beijing, 100037 
ZHAO Zhen 1) Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Beijing, 100037  
JI Changjun 2) Institute of Geomechanics, CAGS, Beijing, 100081  
CHEN Cheng 2) Institute of Geomechanics, CAGS, Beijing, 100081  
Abstract:Marine oil- bearing mudstone and shale, including oil shale, dark mudstone, black shale, and marl, form main source rocks of high TOC in the Woruosha Mountain, Changsheshan, Shenglihe and Xichangliang areas, northern Qiangtang depression. Fossil assemblages of Bivalve fauna and brachiopods are discovered in the Xichangliang and Changsheshan oil shale. Bivalve fauna represented by Limea (Pseudolimea) cf. duplicata (J. de C. Sowerby, 1827), Integricardium (Integricardium) cf. bannesianum (Contejean, 1860), Radulopecten laminates (J.Sowerby, 1818), Pholadomya (Bucardiomya) lirata (J. Sowerby), and brachiopods assemblage of Holocothyris- Burmirhynchia in the Xichangliang oil shale indicate geological time from Lower Bathonian to Lower Jurassic, which belongs to Quemoco Formation. The Changsheshan oil shale contains bivalve fauna as Chlamys (Chlamys) textoria (Schlotheim), Radulopecten fibrosus (J. Sowerby), Cercomya (Capillimya) striata (Agassiz, 1843) and brachiopods represented by Burmirhynchia〖JP〗 obessa Buckman, B. asiatica Buckman, B. hpalaiensis Buckman, which indicate geological time of the Bathonian- Callovian, and the strata belongs to Middle Jurassic Xiali Formation. U- Pb ages of zircons from the Nadigangrian volcanic rocks and sedimentary tuff are 218~215 Ma, indicating that geological time of the Xiaochaka Formation as well as its source rocks beneath the volcanic rocks and tuff is the Carnian of Late Triassic, and the dark violet clastic rocks of Woruoshan Formation overlying the volcanic rocks belongs to the Norian- Rhaetian of Upper Triassic in the Woruoshan Mountain and surrounding areas.
keywords:marine source rocks  fossil assemblage  U- Pb age  time of strata  Qiangtang basin
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