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Received:November 01, 2019  Revised:December 15, 2019  点此下载全文
Cite This Paper:HUANG Guocheng,CHENG Haiyan,LI Xiang,CHEN Xiaoyou.2020.An overview of the spatiotemporal distribution regularity of minerals in Zhejiang Province[J].Acta Geologica Sinica,94(1):101-112
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Author NameAffiliationE-mail
HUANG Guocheng Zhejiang Institute of Geological Survey, Hangzhou, 311203 dafengem@sina.com 
CHENG Haiyan Zhejiang Institute of Geological Survey, Hangzhou, 311203  
LI Xiang Zhejiang Institute of Geological Survey, Hangzhou, 311203  
CHEN Xiaoyou Zhejiang Institute of Geological Survey, Hangzhou, 311203  
基金项目:本文为中国地质调查局“中国矿产地质志”项目(编号 DD20160346)和“中国矿产地质志·浙江卷”委托业务的资助成果。
中文关键词:成矿年代学谱系  矿化组合演化  成矿密度  成矿强度
An overview of the spatiotemporal distribution regularity of minerals in Zhejiang Province
Abstract:Based on the synthesisof quantity, scale, mineral assemblage evolution, mineralization zonation, and the clusters of major mineral deposit data in Zhejiang Province, a summary of the spatiotemporal distribution of mineral resources was prepared. Systematic compilation and organization of the isotope metallogenic age data has also enabled establishment of the mineralization chronology pedigree in Zhejiang Province. Subsequently, by integrating this data with the tectonic evolutionary history, the metallogenic activities were divided into 5 periods. The metallogenic information and evolution characteristics of each period were analyzed on the basis of number and scale of mineral deposits and intercomparison of mineral assemblages to construct a metallogenic evolution diagram. Based on the spatial distribution characteristics of mineral resources, the Zhejiang Province was divided into 4 Ⅲ grade metallogenic belts and 7 Ⅳ grade metallogenic sub belts. From the metallogenic density and intensity perspective, spatial distribution regularities of Ⅳ grade metallogenic sub belt are discussed. Metallogenic density was divided into 1 high density zone, 4 medium density zones, and 2 low density zones. The comprehensive metallogenic intensity was divided into 3 strong metallogenic intensity zones, 1 medium metallogenic intensity zone and 3 low metallogenic intensity zones. This overview provides new perspectives for future planning and prospecting.
keywords:mineralization chronology pedigree  mineralization assemblage evolution  metallogenic density  metallogenic intensity
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