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Received:June 20, 2014  Revised:July 24, 2014  点此下载全文
Cite This Paper:ZHANG JIANPEI,ZHANG TIAN,TANG Xianjun.2014.The basin type & dynamic environment, the East China Sea Shelf Basin[J].Acta Geologica Sinica,88(11):2033-2043
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ZHANG JIANPEI 中海石油(中国)有限公司上海分公司 13651812972@163.com 
ZHANG TIAN Shanghai Branch of CNOOC Ltd.  
TANG Xianjun Shanghai Branch of CNOOC Ltd.  
中文关键词:东海陆架盆地  西太平洋构造域  俯冲  被动扩张  弧后盆地
The basin type & dynamic environment, the East China Sea Shelf Basin
Abstract:The East China Sea Shelf Basin, located in the southeastern margin of the Eurasian plate, and at the southern China continental block (including the Yangtze block in west and the Cathaysian block in east). The basement of the East China Sea Shelf Basin is the extension part of the Cathaysian block, and is also an important part of West Pacific continental margin tectonic domain. By the analysis of global plate tectonic evolution, the East China Sea Shelf Basin is situated in the West Pacific triangle region, which is the huge convergence zone of India-Australian plate, the Pacific plate and the Eurasian plate, while also is the global convergence center. The east and west sides of the East China Sea Shelf Basin is closely related to the Tethys and the West Pacific tectonic domain evolution. Overall, the East China Sea Shelf Basin is a back-arc basin, which is controlled by the co-action of collision, subduction and back-arc spreading between the Eurasian plate and the Pacific plate and long-distance effect of the convergence, collision and extrusion between the India-Australian plate and the Eurasian plate and deep earth dynamics effect. The formation mechanism of the East China Sea Shelf Basin is according with passive extension mode. The mantle flow in east direction and the asthenosphere down flow are the main cause of the back-arc spreading power source in deep Earth.
keywords:the East China Sea Shelf Basin  the West Pacific tectonic domain  subduction  passive extension  back-arc basin
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