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Received:April 13, 2014  Revised:February 08, 2015  点此下载全文
Cite This Paper:chenzhigeng.2015.China Eastern Qinling Mountains 216.8Ma before the 7-magnitude hidden exploder the remains of a major earthquake[J].Acta Geologica Sinica,89(8):1495-1529
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chenzhigeng Hebei College of Geology chenzg1996@163.com 
中文摘要:依据野外地质勘查、工程揭露、地球物理探测等事实和地球化学测量资料,发现位于华北板块南缘东秦岭216.8Ma前一个古地震的震源遗迹。结合隐爆角砾岩体、系列隐爆角砾岩、岩石地球化学、同位素示踪、同位素测年、稀土元素、包裹体、岩石微观破碎等特征分析表明,该震源遗迹是在印支晚期杨子板块与华北板块碰撞对接的造山阶段,上地幔或下地壳形成的源于变质火山岩深熔的I型造山带花岗岩浆,在结晶分异过程中产生大量气液流体并沿断裂通道上升,进入硅化封闭的局部断裂空间后形成岩浆分异气液流体压力,当积聚的巨大压力超过所处深度的静岩压力与聚压空间围岩的破裂强度极限后,在地壳深部产生强烈隐爆所形成。根据上覆地层厚度、可参照的深成侵入岩体相对高度对比和主震遗迹的尺度等分析,隐爆深度位于当时地表的10km以下,隐爆主震的面波震级MS>7.0。该震源遗迹的发现,可初步确认岩浆气液隐爆成因地震存在,并有助于克服一些地震成因研究中的震源不可视与不可入性难题,为地震成因乃至地震预测探索提供一些可直接观测研究的震源实体。 该遗迹不是一般的地震遗迹,而是一个“震源”实体遗迹——震源遗迹,而且是一个具有震源深度、发生年代、地震强度等地震要素完整且一致的可见震源遗迹。
中文关键词:东秦岭  隐爆地震  隐爆角砾岩  硅化封闭  震源隐爆岩  地震遗迹  震源遗迹
China Eastern Qinling Mountains 216.8Ma before the 7-magnitude hidden exploder the remains of a major earthquake
Abstract:Based on the fact that field geological observations, works to expose and geophysical exploration, discovery is located in the North China block before the southern edge of East Qinling 215.6Ma the ruins of an ancient earthquake's epicenter. The studies show that the the earthquake ruins formation depth greater than 10km the MS magnitude greater than 7. Geological, geophysical and engineering to expose the to combine rock geochemistry, isotope tracer isotope dating, REE and trace element characteristics analysis showed that the earthquake ruins by magma differentiation gas-liquid fluid to accumulate enormous pressure cryptoexplosion the fracture within formation.Focal discovery of the ruins and the formation mechanism of understanding of the significance of: the initial recognition of the presence of magmatic gas-liquid cryptoexplosion causes earthquakes, and thus improve the cause of the earthquake is tectonic earthquake causes explain ways to explore and improve the earthquake prediction; overcome seismogenesis research in theseismic source is not visible and not enter into the problem, and for the earthquake causes even earthquake prediction exploring direct observation of the focal entity. The earthquake ruins, the remains of the ruins of a focal, and is likely to be found so far, including a focal entity, the focal depth of the era of seismic intensity (magnitude) occurred, including elements of the most complete earthquake epicenter ruins.
keywords:China Eastern Qinling  Cryptoexplosion earthquake  Cryptoexplosive breccia  Silicified closed  Earthquake Source cryptoexplosive rocks  Earthquake ruins  Earthquake Source ruins
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