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Received:March 20, 2013  Revised:January 20, 2014  点此下载全文
Cite This Paper:.2014.Research on Taphonomy of Late Cretaceous Dinosaurs in Zhucheng, Eastern Shandong, China[J].Acta Geologica Sinica,88(8):1353-1371
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Author NameAffiliationE-mail
旷红伟 中国地质科学院地质研究所北京100037 kuanghw@126.com 
柳永清 中国地质科学院地质研究所北京100037  
董超 中国地质科学院地质研究所北京100037  
彭楠 中国地质科学院地质研究所北京100037  
许欢 中国地质科学院地质研究所北京100037  
王宝红 中国地质科学院地质研究所北京100037  
章朋 中国地质大学地球科学与资源学院北京100083  
王克柏 诸城市恐龙文化研究中心山东诸城26220  
陈树清 诸城市恐龙文化研究中心山东诸城26220  
张艳霞 诸城市恐龙文化研究中心山东诸城26220  
中文摘要:山东诸城是中国以晚白垩世大型鸭嘴龙类为主的恐龙化石产地。本文从化石埋藏地地质背景、埋藏沉积相与古水流、骨骼化石分布、改造与聚集特征及分类学、骨骼化石微观组构和埋藏模型等方面,系统阐述了诸城晚白垩世恐龙骨骼化石埋藏学特征。诸城晚白垩世晚期(火山岩长石Ar Ar年龄为762~735Ma)恐龙化石主要集群埋藏于冲积扇泥石流(DF)、洪泛平原(FP)与辫状河道(BRC)沉积层中,化石密集、成层分布,但残体骨骼层内骨骼化石大小、形状混杂、疏密不均、属种的单—以及残体骨骼大小、形状和规模不等,多数骨骼化石为不完整的长柱状、板状形态,骨骼呈定向排列,具有短距离搬运、异地快速埋藏及集群埋藏特点。沉积物及薄片分析显示,诸城恐龙生存及骨骼化石埋藏的环境为半干旱—干旱气候条件。埋藏—保存模式可概括为:恶劣的生存环境—恐龙批量死亡—遗体腐烂—骨骼被洪流或泥石流冲刷、搬运至目前沉积场所—快速掩埋—浅埋藏成岩—地壳抬升暴露。诸城恐龙化石埋藏学的研究,为我们了解和恢复中国华北地区晚白垩世时期的古地理、古环境和古气候提供了依据。
中文关键词:山东  诸城  晚白垩世  恐龙化石  埋藏学
Research on Taphonomy of Late Cretaceous Dinosaurs in Zhucheng, Eastern Shandong, China
Abstract:Resources of dinosaur fossils in China are the most abundant in the world. So far, Zhucheng City of China has become a significant Late Cretaceous locality of dinosaur fossils, represented by the large hadrosaurs. Based on investigation and research of taphonomy characteristics of dinosaur fossils from Late Cretaceous, this article systematically demonstrates the taphonomy characteristics of dinosaurs fossil bones from Late Cretaceous and analyzes the taphonomy geological background, the taphonomic sedimentary facies and paleocurrent, the distribution, modification and gathering characteristics of fossil bones and taxonomy, the micro fabric and taphonomic model for the bone fossils, etc. Dinosaur fossil clusters of Late Cretaceous (the dating of feldsparArAr age is 76 2~73 5 Ma) in Zhucheng City, are mostly buried in the alluvial fan debris flow(DF) and flood plain(FP) and the braided river channel(BRC). Fossils are densely distributed in stratification, which are of assorted sizes, non equidensity, singular species, and different in sizes, shapes and standards of residue bones. The majority of fossil bones are damaged without leaving intact fossil bones, being of the columnar and tabular shapes. Larger bones are arranged in certain direction, reflecting the features of dinosaur fossil clusters’ taphonomy and sedimentation undergoing the shortrange transport allochthonously and fast burial. The sedimentary petrology and the thin section analysis reveal that the geologic climate of Zhucheng under which the dinosaurs lived and the fossil bones buried is featured with semiaridarid condition. The taphonomypreservation pattern of dinosaurs can be summarized as: poor living environmentdinosaurs’ massive deathbodies’ decaybones’ washed out and transported by flood or debris flowfast burialshallow burial diagenesisexposure by the Crust uplift. The research on Late Cretaceous Dinosaur taphonomy of Zhucheng provide a series of evidences to better understand and reconstructure the Cretaceous paleogeography, Paleoclimate and paleoenvironment
keywords:Zhucheng, eastern Shandong  dinosaur fossils  taphonomy  Late Cretaceous
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