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ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA Instructions to Authors

ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA is an academic journal of geological sciences sponsored by the Geological Society of China. This journal aims to spread the latest and highest level basic theoretical research and basic geological research achievements in various branches of geological sciences and frontier disciplines. The journals of ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA and ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA (English edition) independently publish papers.

1 The Editorial Board and the Authors Agree on the Following Items:

(1) Authors should ensure that contributions are not submitted in two versions and that they have undisputed copyright.

(2) All articles should be submitted through the online office system. The articles of ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA should be submitted to the website of http://www.geojournals.cn/dzxb/ch/index.aspx. The articles of ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA (English edition) should be submitted to the website of http://www.geojournals.cn/georev/ch/index.aspx. The articles to GEOLOGICAL REVIEW should be submitted to http://www.geojournals.cn/georev/ch/index.aspx. For online submission, please put the text, chart and table in the same Microsoft Word file (please leave the original file for revision, see the website description for detailed submission steps).

The acceptance of submissions shall be based on the online receipt and reply of the editorial board.

(3) Contributions submitted to the editorial board shall not be submitted to other journals at the same time, otherwise they shall be regarded as two submissions of one manuscript.

(4) The Editorial Board promises to give notice of publication within 90 days. Authors should not submit manuscripts to other journals within 90 days.

(5) The authors shall submit the Word document of paper and the clear-drawn CorelDRAW figures to the editorial board after revising the manuscript which decides to be hired according to the amendments provided by the editorial board.

(6) The manuscript is responsible for itself. Substantive amendments must be made with the consent of the author.

(7) After the manuscript is published, the remuneration will be paid according to the regulations.

2 Requirements for Contributions

Each paper should contain the following elements: title (no more than 25 Chinese characters), author, author's affiliation, content summary (no less than 400 Chinese characters), key words (about five characters), introduction (this journal does not label "introduction", but it must have an introduction section), text, chart, acknowledgements, references, notes, English abstract (the same as Chinese abstract), and author's brief introduction. The important contents are as follows:

(1) Text

The length is unlimited. There should be geological setting, research methods, results, discussions and conclusions. The manuscripts submitted to the ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA (English edition) must be standardized and fluent. Please attach the corresponding Chinese manuscripts in order to accurately understand the meaning of the original text.

(2) Figures

All maps involving national boundaries must be drawn on the latest geographical base map published by the Map Publishing House.

The best figure format is CorelDraw X4 (editable, not imported). For drawings compiled with other software, please provide a 600 dpi TIF file. For color photographs (including plates), please provide JPG format files with >600 dpi resolution.

Figure size. The width of a single column figure is not larger than 80 mm, and the maximum is 245 mm; the width of a double column figure is not more than 168 mm, the maximum is 245 mm; the width of a full-page horizontal figure is not more than 235 mm, and the maximum is 170 mm (the width above includes both Chinese and English figure names and instructions). Chinese fonts should be in Song style, and English and numerals should be in Time New Roman, with font size of 6–8 p.

Different parts of a figure can be distinguished by common geological patterns (or symbols). Except for photographs, gray-scale images are not recommended. If it is necessary to use gray scale figures to represent different parts, the gray scales should be as few as possible, and the gray differences should be as large as possible.

If the pictures are color photographs, you can choose to put them together in one picture.

The names, descriptions and annotations of illustrations should be given in both Chinese and English.

(3) References

This journal adopts the author-year cataloguing method. In the text, the first author and the year are listed in parentheses in English or Chinese Western names, such as (Li Siguang, 1945), (Huang Jiqing, 1978, 1984; Huang Jiqing et al., 1983; Смирнов, 1986; Smith et al., 1990, 1992, 1996; Иванов и др., 1999). When listing several documents, the order is chronological.

Chinese documents should be translated into English, and all English documents should be placed under the heading "References". English documents are arranged in an alphabetical order of the first author plus years, followed by other languages under the title of references arranging in Chinese, Japanese, Western language and Russian. The Chinese literatures are arranged according to the first author's name, Chinese phonetic alphabet and age. Other literatures are arranged in an alphabetical order according to the first author's name. If you submit to ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA (English edition), you do not need to consider the above notes.

Please list all the authors. However, monographs can be given according to the cover style of the original book, such as "See: XXX Editor-in-Chief" designating one person as the editor-in-chief. Please refer to our papers since 2016 for the format of each article. The citation of books can be divided into two situations: a. If the book itself has a corresponding English name, the citation shall be in accordance with the normal requirements; b. If the book itself does not have corresponding English name, try not to cite the document. If it must be cited, it will only be listed in the Chinese references, and the occurrence of the text will be cited in Chinese.

(4) Notes. When citing non-public literatures, a column of Notes is listed separately after the text in the same format as the References. Detailed formats of References and Notes can refer to the annotations for the revision items of ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA.

(5) English abstract. Papers published in ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA and GEOLOGICAL REVIEW must submit English abstract, including title, author, author affiliation, content summary and key words. Authors and the authors' affiliations should be the full name. The content summary should be consistent with the corresponding Chinese summary, preferably more detailed.

(6) Author's brief introduction mainly introduces the author's academic experience. Since 1998, telephone, e-mail and fax have been added to facilitate direct contact between readers and authors.

Editorial Board of ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA 

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