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1 Introduction

ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA was founded in 1922, which is supervised by the China Association of Science and Technology and sponsored by the Geological Society of China. Through 95 years of development, this journal has been a faithful witness of China’s geology, and many significant discoveries such as the Peking Man, terrestrial oil generation theory, Bayan Obo rare earth mine and Daqing oilfield have been early documented here. These major achievements have won a high reputation for the journal at home and abroad, making the journal one of the most famous geosciences journals in China. After several revisions, ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA is now a monthly journal published on the 15th of each month, with about 220 papers published every year. Since its publication, nearly 10,000 papers have been published, which has played an important role in promoting the development of China's geology. This journal has become one of the most high-level scientific and technological journals in China, and has been awarded the National Journal Awards for many times.

2 Construction of Digitalization and Networking

The website of ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA has been online since 2008. The establishment of the network platform has provided the development of the journal with flying wings. So far, the total number of visits has reached 7.3 million, with an average of 700, 000 visits per year, with a daily maximum of nearly 3,000 visits. In addition, it has attracted a large number of visitors from more than 20 countries, such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, Australia, Canada and Russia, which account for 20% to 30% of the total number of visitors. The website provides free downloads of all published articles for readers and provides an important platform for geoscience exchange. Among them, some important research results have also been reported by media.

3 Internationalization

The aim of ACATA GEOLOGICA SINICA is to base itself on China and go to the world. Our journal is not only in the leading position in China, but also has an important influence in the world, which has attracted much attention among many foreign scholars. The Chinese edition of ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA has been included in EI, Scopus, CA, BIG, China Biological Literature databases, China Core Journal (Selection) Database, China Journal Full Text Database, China Science and Technology Journal Quality Database, China Scientific and Technological Papers Statistical Source Journal, Abstracts of Chinese Academic Journals, Chinese Science and Technology Periodicals Database, Citation Database of Chinese Science and Technology Periodicals, etc. In 2015, ACATA GEOLOGICA SINICA was included in Zoological Record, Biological Abstracts and BIOSIS Previews of Thomson Reuters. These three sub-databases, like SCI, also have great international influence, which plays an important role in enhancing the international influence of the Chinese edition of this journal and its paleontological papers.

4 High-Quality Construction

With the support of the project of Excellent Journals of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, the Chinese edition of ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA has vigorously implemented the project of excellent journals, and the academic quality has been continuously improved, and the goal of high-quality journals has been stepped forward. As a brand journal of geology, this journal has been ranked at the top of domestic geoscience journals in terms of various journal indicators. It has won more than 20 awards including the First Prize of Chinese Excellent Scientific and Technological Journals, National Journal Award of China, Top 100 Chinese Excellent Academic Journals and Most Influential International Journals.

5 Modernization of Publication Means

In order to strengthen the construction of supporting capacity and enhance the core competitiveness of the journals, the website of ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA has played a decisive role in the daily work of the editorial board since it was launched in 2008, laying a solid foundation for the follow-up and stable development of the journal. At present, our journal has completely realized the networking and electronization of submission, review and editing, which has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of work. The establishment of the network platform has opened up a new space for the development of the journal.

6 Construction of the Editorial Team

A talent team is the basis of well operating journals. Our editorial board includes four master's degrees and three doctor's degrees to create an expert editorial team, which is dedicated to promoting the flourishing development of geological career. Among them, Comrades Hao Ziguo and Zhang Yuxu, the Directors of the Editorial Board, were awarded the title of "Leading Talents in the National Press and Publishing Industry". They also received the Special Government Allowances of the State Council and the honorary titles of "Golden Bull Award" and "Silver Bull Award" issued by the Editorial Society of Chinese Science and Technology Periodicals, respectively.

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