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Anomaly Models of Spatial Structures for Copper-Molybdenum Ore Deposits and their Application
投稿时间:2013-01-21  修订日期:2013-04-20  点此下载全文
引用本文:MA Shengming, ZHU Lixin, LIU Chongmin, XI Mingjie and TANG Shixin.2013.Anomaly Models of Spatial Structures for Copper-Molybdenum Ore Deposits and their Application[J].ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA(English edition),87(3):843~857
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MA Shengming, ZHU Lixin, LIU Chongmin, XI Mingjie and TANG Shixin 1 Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration, CAGS, Langfang Hebei, 065000, China 2 Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Beijing 100037, China msmigge@163.com 
基金项目:This project is financially supported by the research special fund of public service sector from the Ministry of Land and Resources (No. 201111008).
中文摘要:This paper discusses the enrichment and depletion regularities for porphyry copper-molybdenum ore deposits in different regions and varied deposit genetic types in the same area, taking three porphyry copper-molybdenum ore deposits (i.e., the Chengmenshan in Jiangxi, Wunugetushan in Inner Mongolia, Baishantang in Gansu) and two copper deposits in Gansu Province (the Huitongshan skarn deposit and Gongpoquan composite deposit) as case studies. The results show that porphyry Cu-Mo deposits or skarn copper deposits include both enrichment of the ore-forming elements and associated elements, and depletion of some lithophile dispersed elements, rare earth elements (REE) and some major elements. And the depleted elements vary with deposits, having generality and their own features. On a deposit scale, the positive anomalies of enriched elements and negative anomalies of depleted elements follow in a sequence to comprise regular anomaly models of spatial structures. The exploration in the Tongchang deposit in Jiangxi and Huitongshan deposit in Gansu suggests that anomaly models play a key role in the identification of mineral occurrences and deposits compared to one single enriched element anomaly. And the anomaly models exert a critical effect on the optimization of prospecting targets and their potential evaluation.
中文关键词:copper-molybdenum deposits, enrichment and depletion, anomaly models of spatial structures, case studies
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